Tracey O’ Mahony Barrister at Law : Please Share this Call To Action (8 Weeks to Reverse the Erosion of Fundamental Freedoms)

Lobby your TD /lobby-your-td/

Lobby your TD – Irish Council for Human Rights

  • Download Letter 1
    Download Letter 2
    Download Letter 3 Letter 1: Initial letter setting out your TD’s Covid-19 voting record for the past 7 months and asking your TD to vote against the extension of Part 3 of the Act.
    Letter 2: To be issued where your TD has not responded to Letter 1.
    Letter 3: To be issued where you have received an unsatisfactory response to Letter 1.
  • Choose your TD*Sligo-Leitrim
  • Letters have only been drafted for TD’s that we are recommending you lobby. Please refer to the spreadsheet to see if we are recommending the lobbying of your TD.