MEPs of European Parliament defend fundamental rights of citizens, and oppose mandatory proof of vaccination.

We will fight for your rights” declared 4 MEPs in Strasbourg but the media is silent…

On 20 October, four MEPs organized a press conference in Strasbourg where they expressed their deep concern about human rights-violating corona measures across Europe. But the media was silent in all languages, because no attention was paid to the hopeful and combative message of these libertarian politicians.

The fundamental rights of EU citizens are under pressure from mandatory vaccination and misuse of the corona pass, say MEPs. Hundreds of people who work in the European Parliament are at risk of losing their jobs because they do not have a corona pass.

The press conference was held by Christine Anderson, Francesca Donato, Ivan Vilibor Sincic and Cristian Terhes. They gave a voice to the millions of Europeans fighting for their fundamental rights across the EU.

“A terrible situation. I am not afraid of the virus. I do fear governments misusing any crisis to violate or take away civil rights,” What we have seen happen during this crisis is that civil rights and freedoms have turned into privileges that governments grant or revoke at their discretion. I call on all Europeans to stand up to any government that tries to take away our freedoms and civil rights!”

Lawyer and MEP Francesca Donato said Europe is in “a terrible situation” as human rights are not respected and peaceful protests are being violently suppressed across Europe. We have to do that together and we have to do it now She also said that people who experience serious side effects after the corona vaccination do not get free help and that the number of side effects reported is underestimated. “We have to defend human rights in Europe, we have to do that together and we have to do it now.”

“The advancing Green Pass with the restrictions on freedom, but also the violent suppression of dissent confirms that the emergency in Europe no longer promotes health but is above all undemocratic,”

Cristian Terhes pointed out that hundreds of people who work for Parliament are at risk of being fired for not having a corona pass. “But they haven’t done anything wrong. This is the absurd situation. This is not fair. We are here for you and we will fight for you.”
He even referred to the communist occupation of Romania, which left deep wounds in the country, but made every Romanian realize that freedom is not ‘free’. “How is it possible that we have not seen any demonstrations in our country for decades and that masses of people are protesting for freedom in a free and developed country like Italy and France”? Terhes said among others.

Ivan Vilibor Sincic ” This is the absurd situation, you are not alone and we are fighting for your rights! We fight shoulder to shoulder with you!”