Daniel McConnell: Public will not stand for shifting the goalposts of Ireland’s ‘freedom day’

A World Freedom Day rally in Dublin last March: This week, we saw a significant moving of the goalposts, as the Government announced the continued use of Covid certs. Why, when we were promised that vaccinations would deliver us to the promised land of freedom, is the narrative now changing? Picture: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie

Sat, 23 Oct, 2021 Daniel McConnell
You know those people who keep changing their story about a particular event when questions are asked?
They may convince you for a while but, sooner or later, you begin to think they are full of it, and doubts about their credibility enter your head.
You think less of those people. You think twice about whether or not they can be trusted.
Last week, the Government rammed through legislation to extend the emergency Covid powers until next February, on frankly legally dubious grounds.
Then, this week, we saw a significant moving of the goalposts by our twin governments — the actual Cabinet and the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) — regarding the continued use of Covid restrictions in the months ahead.
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