An Urgent Warning to the World – Dr. Michael Yeadon

Source: The Awakening 4321
Meet Dr. Michael Yeadon, Former VP of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. He has come forward with the truth of the vaccinations, the truth about Covid19, the truth about the new “variants” that are being pushed onto us.

MSM and Fact Checkers have called Dr. Yeager a fraud. They have been calling out to disprove him from the beginning, when he began revealing the truth of his scientific theories.

Of course they are! Keep in mind, these are the EXACT same people that swore up and down that Dr. Anthony Fauci was honest, reliable and doing what was best for the world population.

Still believe what they say about Dr. Yeadon now?

I have watched several of his videos, and interviews and they are all equally disturbing as to the information that he openly divulges.

I encourage you to watch a few of his videos before making a conclusion of your own however, I will break down a few outstanding points to focus on.

  • There is no new variant.
    • The changes that have been made to the virus are so miniscule, our own immune systems will not pick up a change nor will treat it any differently than the original variant.
    • Being that the changes are so minimal, there will be no reason for additional vaccinations, nor any vaccinations to combat the new variant being released onto the people of the world.
    • The original variant was less deadly than influenza.
  • Why would they push a new variant if it wasn’t as dangerous as they are claiming?
    • The new variant is being touted by MSM and the medical practitioners per orders of the governments of the world. If there is a new variant, the people react with panic. They re-mask. They hide and quarantine again. They rush in line to get the vaccination. – The Ultimate Goal.
  • What is the target population for the vaccination?
    • The easiest targets, to get more than 50% of the population are the Elderly, the population that have underlying health issues, and those in contact with both of the above. That leaves approximately 30% left unvaccinated.
    • The rest will be herded as a social faux-pas to not fall in line via College Attendance, School Attendance, Unable to work or shop without the vaccination.
  • I’ve heard of magnets connecting to injection sites, But Why?
    • Don’t believe me. Do your own experiment.
    • The vaccinations do indeed have a sort of chip, or QR code imbedded.
    • The magnet trick is NOT a hoax. Go ahead and try it. Stick a magnet to your injection site, within two inch diameter of the injection. Depending on which vaccine you received, either a magnet will stick OR a small metal object such as a key will stick. You can actually feel the pull as the object connects to the implant.
    • If you have an EMF Detector, try to use that. Scan anywhere on your body. Because humans are made of energy, many of us will naturally give off an EMF signal. However, the injection site will push the readings through the roof.
  • Life expectancy after injection.
    • I encourage you to do your own due diligence, however many reputable scientists have publicly stated that the life expectancy of someone that was healthy prior to the vaccination is anywhere from 2-7 years post injection. Someone with underlying health issues, the life expectancy is much lower.
  • Why would they do this to the world population?
    • What could be easier to gain total totalitarian control over the world?
      • Movement Tracking
      • Health Condition Tracking
      • Monetary Tracking
      • Less People, once the individuals with underlying health conditions suffer deadly side effects

The What-If’s are what’s the most horrifying.

Speculation can take us to thoughts unravelled. Could it be possible to “Turn-Off” a human being? To completely make their heart stop beating? What if their access to banking is turned off? What if anytime they enter a store or place of business an alarm sounds, notifying the owner that the person is no longer permitted on the premesis per order of the government? How do you feed your family if you don’t fall into line?

  • What if I already received the Vaccination?
    • Hopefully, there will be a technology in the near future that will be released which will de-activate the “chip”, or even remove it.

I will include a few of Dr. Michael Yeadon’s video links. I encourage you to watch a few. I also highly encourage you to do some due diligence research on some of the other reputable Dr.’s warning of the same things that Dr. Yeadon speaks of.

Watch on Bitchute The Awakening

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Pfizer

April 9, 2021 Canterbury England

Interviewed by John Kirby

Research by Evan Dominguez


Two of the experimental gene-based injections have been paused or halted, and reports of clotting, stroke, anaphylaxis, miscarriage, Bell’s Palsy, and a host of other neurologic and auto-immune disorders plague the others. And those are just the short-term risks.

Has all humanity been enrolled in a vast and unimaginably dangerous phase-three clinical trial without our informed consent? All for a disease that for the overwhelming majority of us is, officially, 99.7% or better survivable…if we even get it?

Dr. Mike Yeadon, formerly a Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Pfizer, believes the big experiment is well under way, and that the hypothesis it seeks to prove is as bold as it is terrible.

A cogent and clear thinker who has been attacked in proportion to his qualifications, Dr. Yeadon, at great personal risk, issues a chilling warning, not just about the grave dangers surrounding the injections, but about the looming threat of digital health “passports” that will take inexorable control over every aspect of our lives.

If we allow them.

We have been warned.

In this interview, Dr. Yeadon (an ex-Pfizer VP and Lead Scientist) explains how the current vaccine rollout is the largest CLINICAL trial in human history. He also weighs in on how this is completely against the Nuremberg Code since the majority of those taking this experimental gene therapy are doing so under the pretendse that it’s FDA approved.

Michael Yeadon Interview – Former Pfizer VP Speaks Out On Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines & COVID Illusion

Watch on Bitchute

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