Press Conference MEPs – Health Service collapse in Italy; police brutality against protesters in EU

MEPs Cristian Terhes (Romania), Francesca Donato (Italy) and Ivan Sincic (Croatia) held a press conference on January 13, 2022, where they talked about the collapse of the health care system in Italy due to mandatory vaccination, as well as the police brutality against the peaceful protesters in the EU. – 00:34 – MEP Francesca Donato about the situation in Italy – 09:36 – MEP Ivan Sincic about the protests in Europe and failure of the restrictive measures to stop the spread of Covid – 13:11 – MEP Cristian Terhes about police brutality in Amsterdam, on January 2, and all across EU On January 23, 2022, the three MEPs will attend the big protest in Brussels.

MEP Cristian Terhes – press conf. on police brutality in EU against peaceful protesters for freedom

Police brutality in Amsterdam and Brussels, violation of fundamental rights across the European Union by corrupt and tyrannical governments, the silence of Ursula von der Leyen to police aggression against peaceful protesters across EU are some of the topics discussed during the press conference on January 13, 2022, held by MEP Cristian Terhes in the European Parliament.