Unvaxxed ‘control group’ – First preview of survey findings

No jab, lower hospitalisations – finds international survey

An international survey of a health-aware, ‘Control Group’ that includes over 300,000 people who have chosen to avoid COVID-19 vaccination, shows participants place minimal burden on health systems through their strong reliance on natural immunity, self-care and the use of natural health supplements to help prevent or even treat COVID-19….

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Breaking News: Unvaxxed ‘Control group’: first release of survey data

Date: 9 June 2022

Find out how over 300,000 health-aware unvaxxed people from around the world have fared with COVID-19, choices & discrimination

There have been very few studies looking at how those who’ve elected to rely on natural immunity and natural products, as compared with those who’ve consented to covid-19 genetic vaccines, the latter who may, or may not have, also tried to optimise their immune systems, fare when it comes to COVID-19. The few that have been done often mix vaccinated with unvaccinated, as shown in the case of UK data by Prof Norman Fenton and his group at Queen Mary, University of London

That changes with the first release of the analysis of survey data from the international ‘Control Group’ project – also known as the Vax Control Group.

The citizen-led project was initiated by an Eastbourne (UK) cooperative, the Control Group Cooperative – and it’s had over 300,000 subscribers.

Rob Verkerk PhD of ANH has led a team including Dr Naseeba Kathrada (GP, South Africa, Caring Healthcare Workers Coalition), Christof Plothe DO (Integrative & osteopathic practitioner, Germany) and Dr Kat Lindley (Family Physician, USA) that has collated, analysed and interpreted the first 5months of survey data from ‘control group’ participants.The survey data offer important revelations, including:

  • Primary reasons given for avoiding vaccines included preference for natural medicine interventions, distrust of pharmaceutical interventions, distrust of government information, poor/limited trial study data and fear of long-term adverse reactions
  • The unvaccinated ‘control group’ participants don’t place a disproportionate burden on health systems – in fact quite the opposite, they have experienced very low hospitalisation rates and severe covid-19 disease is rare
  • They are more likely to self-care, using natural products like vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and quercetin
  • Many have used ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine
  • Women have suffered menstrual and bleeding abnormalities despite being unvaccinated, possibly owing to spike protein exposure and shedding
  • Their mental health burden has been considerable, possibly aggravated by their stigmatisation by mainstream, ‘vaccinated’ society  
  • They have been heavily discriminated against because of their decision to exercise their right to informed consent and refuse the administration of ‘genetic vaccines’

>>> Read our press release below or download here

>>> Download and read preprint report on survey findings on ResearchGate>>> View below the introductory video from Rob Verkerk – or download here.



For immediate release
June 9, 2022

No jab, lower hospitalisations – finds international survey

An international survey of a health-aware, ‘Control Group’ that includes over 300,000 people who have chosen to avoid COVID-19 vaccination, shows participants place minimal burden on health systems through their strong reliance on natural immunity, self-care and the use of natural health supplements to help prevent or even treat COVID-19. Yet this group faces unfounded discrimination, job losses and mental health issues intensified by its marginalisation by mainstream society.

The survey of participants in the ‘Control Group’ includes a sub-group from the over 305,000 participants from more than 175 countries who have joined the citizen-led project and opted to not receive COVID-19 vaccines. The findings just uploaded to the preprint server ResearchGate, show that during the 5-month survey period (September 2021 through to February 2022 inclusive), participants suffered low rates of severe COVID-19 disease, were infrequently hospitalised, and used natural health products extensively both for prevention and for treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19.  

Data from these first five months of the Control Group survey were analysed and interpreted by an independent, international team led by Robert Verkerk PhD, a multi-disciplinary scientist and the founder, executive and scientific director of the non-profit Alliance for Natural Health International. Co-authors included three practicing clinicians, Dr Naseeba Kathrada from South Africa, Christof Plothe DO from Germany and Dr Katarina Lindley from the USA. The authors came together to assess the survey data through their collaboration in recent months with the World Council for Health, a non-profit, global coalition of health-focused organizations and civil society groups.

The survey findings were based on a sub-cohort of approximately 18,500 Control Group participants who had completed questionnaires on a monthly basis over the first five months of the survey. Among the wide-ranging data collected, the survey captured reasons why participants avoided vaccines, with distrust of governments and pharmaceutical companies as well as concerns over adverse reactions from insufficiently tested vaccines being high on the list.

Participants reported extensive mental health problems that may have been compounded by the stigmatisation and discrimination facing those who shunned COVID-19 vaccines. It also found that women, despite being unvaccinated for COVID-19, suffered menstrual and bleeding abnormalities that may have been associated with viral exposure, shedding, spike protein exposure or pandemic-related behavioural changes. Those who never wore masks reported the lowest levels of COVID-19 disease.

Given the participants are self-selected and have self-reported, the survey findings need to be interpreted with care when comparing them with national statistics or studies based on randomly selected populations. 

The UK-based Control Group project was established in mid-2021 as a citizen-led cooperative that aims to evaluate long-term health outcomes among the COVID-19 vaccine-free as well as linking its members to country support networks and online community groups.

The full survey report can be downloaded from ResearchGate here.



For further information about the survey and findings, contact Rob Verkerk PhD using one of the following methods:
Telephone: +44 (0)1484 646 600
Email: science@anhinternational.org


Download the survey report on ResearchGate via the following link:

Cite report as follows:
Verkerk R, Kathrada N, Plothe C, Lindley K. Self-reported outcomes, choices and discrimination among a global COVID-19 unvaccinated cohort. ResearchGate. Preprint uploaded June 8, 2022. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.28855.19369.

Short introductory video: Click here.


Alliance for Natural Health International

Control Group Cooperative

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your voice counts
  • Steve Friedman
    09 June 2022 at 10:29 pm It’s interesting, saddening, and not surprising that the mental effects of covid are more significant than the effects of the virus itself. That what people think of us, especially those close to us, should rate as more impactful than a ‘naturally-occurring’ seasonal infection, is a ‘bonus’ side effect that the jab pushers hadn’t expected.
  • Teresa none
    10 June 2022 at 11:56 am It would be interesting to know how many like me, elderly, who refused to mask-up, to be vaccinated and who had no covid – not even a cold – during the whole period. One test I had in October was negative as well.
    I do use homeopathy as and when I think I need to and also take vitamins – 1-3,000 mg of vitamin C for instance.
  • M
    10 June 2022 at 11:03 pm I also haven’t become ill throughout the “pandemic”, though I cared for two Covid-positive family members (one was my husband, who had received the vaccine at the insistence of his mother so that he could visit her, and it was during their vaccinated-only Christmas that he and at least one other vaccinated family member caught the virus 🤔. He was bedridden with his cough and fever and extreme fatigue), and I visited for several days with another (she had not been vaccinated and was coughing and tired at times but never needed medical care of any sort and was never too ill to continue normal daily activities). I also take supplements like quercitin and zinc, vitamins A D and K regularly. I refuse to wear masks except when required by a facility I absolutely need to enter, I never use hand sanitizer, I am pretty lackadaisical about hand washing (I even eat food while standing in the checkout lines of grocery stores 😜). I was happy to see that this study, however preliminary, was done. More data needs to be gathered on both the Covid outcomes and the overall health status (deaths too) for vaccinated vs unvaccinated by independent groups, and it needs to be broadcast very widely so the media can’t continue to ignore it.
  • Tom
    10 June 2022 at 4:59 pm My wife and I (39, 52) chose the natural route after it became obvious something was very wrong when our initial approach was to watch and see, learn more about what was being offered…. was suddenly not an option and the nature approach was demonized. We bought ivermectin, which we researched was the lowest toxicity medicine and most natural pill (bacteria from the soil) and we used whenever we thought we might need it, but we never actually had a positive test result, yes, I think we had a very short small cold, but never a hospital visit.
    My sense of danger, not from any airborne pathogen, but from our own governments, was quite scary and I am afraid to stay anywhere in Europe over the next winter or until our captured governments, media, police and medics are forced to change back to working for the people instead of the lunatics at WEF, WHO, UN…
    I am a coward, so I flee. Where? Depends on who signs the IHR amendments that hand power over to said lunatics in August…..and hopefully a country does not sign it. Else, with backs against the wall, I return to England and fight with my last breath with my people for life, liberty, freedom, choice.
    I hope more people wake up to the horrible reality soon and I thank ANH for trying to awaken some.
  • mary welland
    12 June 2022 at 10:40 am I do admire those people who refused to vaccinate. I had covid but my doctor refused to confirm and I then bowed to family pressure to be vaccinated and have follow up boosters. NO more . My health has deteriorated and it is a fight to get back to being anywhere near as healthy as I was. My covid vaccinations brought a recurrence of an old shingles infection in their wake and I have symptoms (though mild) cyclically and continuously.
    Hopefully we can learn a lesson that a knee jerk response to a new infection is never a good thing and that world wide government intervention is to be feared.
  • J
    14 June 2022 at 6:01 pm I did not vaccinate. My wife did vaccinate and did have a booster shot. We both take vitamins. Myself I have never been sick the whole pandemic except for a strep throat in march 2020. My wife does not take vitamins everyday like me. She does get sick or from time to time feels sick. We are in our 50’s.
    My immediate family and my wife’s family all got the vaccine. I’ve visited my immediate family after most of them got the vaccine. I still did NOT get sick at all. My wife’s family has gotten sick after the vaccine. My mom sounds different like a constant naizzle drip in her nose when she speaks. I don’t bring up the vaccine because they only get angry. Yes most of immediate family take vitamins but most gave in to taking the vaccine. We keep taking vitamins and wait and see. Hopefully people will read more and listen when it really is relevant to them. Peace Out
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