Ireland SMART METER Threat Energy Time Tariff / Hugo Talks

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Read the comments and learn how to ‘dismantle’ or (legally) refuse a smart meter

“have had mine completely encased in several layers of tin foil so the meter cannot communicate with the towers and I hated the fact this this pulsed out ever 30 seconds right under the stairs that me and my children sometimes sit on. I measured the pulses and it’s every 30 seconds that these meters send out signals to these cell towers..

Buy a roll of foil and get all the way round it so they cannot get a reading. You will know it’s working when they call you up and ask for a reading. When they knock on the door (Not to long after the foil covering) I tell them I am busy and I will take a picture and send it to them. Then I unwrap it and take a quick photo and wrap it back up…..Job done…
Totally killed a trillion Dollar roll out with two quid’s worth of tin foil…

The other unit they give you to put on your kitchen counter to monitor that madness well I just threw that in the bin.(Although before you throw it in the bin it is a useful tool to confirm you have in fact blocked the signal) Job done. (Now we will get someone from the energy company making a comment about fires) I can tell you my meter does not get hot and over heat, never has and this is only a damage control comment) Wrap it up and watch them panic….Wrap it up good…several layers.. all around it… Lead paint the inside of the cupboard if you really want to go to town…There are many ways to block this signal… One less device that the 4/5G towers are aiming at my house…”

“I was the first to get a smart meter many years ago and l learnt about the reality of it and it has a separate attachment (the smart part). So I remove it and only l know where that attachment is. It certainly not transmitting the usage of my electricity through the cables coming into my home”