Davos: the place where communism and capitalism meet

Klaus Schwab, author of the Great Reset and implementing a new world order

Source: Forum voor Democratie (Dutch political Party), google translated
14 September 2022

Colloquially, ‘materialism’ means something like greed. A materialistic person is someone who cares more about things than people. But the word also has a technical meaning in philosophy, more specifically in metaphysics. There materialism is the idea that everything can ultimately be reduced to matter. Particles in motion is what is there and nothing more. There is no place in this worldview for a soul, free will or God. Not coincidentally, this is also the view of the darling of the WEF clique, Yuval Harari. “The idea of a soul, free will — these are over!”

The philosophical and more everyday meaning of the word ‘materialism’ are related. Whoever believes that there is nothing more than matter, will also behave materialistically. What else could there be to do on this globe but to accumulate material wealth? You only live once and it will be over soon enough.

Materialism is the underlying metaphysics of the two great post-war ideologies, communism/Marxism and capitalism. In Marxism this is explicit. Marx started from so-called dialectical materialism in order to distinguish himself from Hegel, in whom Geist was still the underlying subject of world history instead of matter. Capitalism is less theoretically grounded, but the discussion with its ideological rival is always about this: which economic form is best able to satisfy man’s material needs? Who can make the most stuff?

In the WEF, these two ideologies have found each other. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” are the closing words of Animal farm; the capitalist of the past is indistinguishable from the communist. Both want power, both want centralization and globalism and both believe in nothing but the Dust.

If we want to undermine the WEF ideology, we will have to undermine the materialistic worldview on which it rests. A frontal attack on the idea that, as Dick Swaab said, we are no more than our brains. And not based on sentiment. Contemporary physics gives us unmistakable hints that reality essentially does not consist of matter, but, for example, of waves or vibrations. Cautiously, but increasingly louder, there is even talk of consciousness as a fundamental property of the universe. Consciousness, or in another word, mind.

Once this is commonplace, it will be the end for materialism.