Dutch politician- Thierry Baudet: We Must Develop More Courage to Counter Globalism

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17 okt. 2022 Thierry Baudet discusses his foray into politics motivated by the Western world’s turn toward despotism. He feels we need to “become globalists” by organizing internationally and promoting liberty. He describes the elites and the global deep state, their desire for evermore centralization, and their collaboration with U.S. intelligence services. The endpoint of globalism is the social credit system. Loyalties of politicians are defined sociologically, they’re not very intelligent. Vladimir Putin seems to be the only player opposing globalism. Thierry wants to do away with the entire gamut of globalism (e.g. UN, EU, WEF, Bilderberg). He does get “metaphysical” and comments on the dark or sinister spiritual nature of events. The resistance against globalism must develop more courage.

About Thierry Baudet Thierry Baudet (The Netherlands, 1983) is the author of 12 books and the founding director of the Forum for Democracy, a Dutch thinktank and political party. He is a member of parliament and a renowned public speaker.

Websites Thierry Baudet https://thierrybaudet.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/thierrybaudet
Forum voor Democratie https://fvd.nl
Forum for Democracy International https://fvdinternational.com
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