Chemtrails, hard evidence in official reports! (Dutch and videos in English) /gezondheid/chemtrails-keihard-bewijs-in-officiele-berichten/ GuidoJ.21/11/2011 Een sproeivliegtuig voor weermodificatievluchten ziet er zo van binnen uit..! This is what a crop sprayer for weather modification flights looks like from the inside..! Hard bewijs dat er met het weer wordt geëxperimenteerd. Wereldwijd! Hard evidence of experimentation with the weather. Worldwide! 2011 © / Guido Jonkers De meeste Amerikanen … Read more

Chemtrails: The Irish Git – Geoengineering in 3 minutes /politics/politics-display/think-for-yourself-chemtrails,6309 Think for Yourself: Chemtrails John Turnbull 24 March 2014 This week, critical thinker John Turnbull turns his skeptical eye toward that skybound harbinger of destruction — chemtrails. What is a chemtrail? According to Wikipedia (which is not a bad place to start, rather than finish, your research): ‘The chemtrail conspiracy theory posits that … Read more