As a doctor, I fear our Covid strategy has put young people’s long-term health at risk 6 Jan, 2022 20:10 HomeOp-ed R. M. Huffman is a physician, author, and observer of culture. Find him on Twitter at @Huff4Congress After two full years battling the virus, it’s clear that some of the decisions made in the effort to contain it will have far-reaching consequences for the future wellbeing of those previously in good … Read more

Vaccine Death and Injuries – VAERS Numbers as of 17 Dec 2021

Source: Mike Yeadon, Monoti, Morningstar Deaths in VAERS have now reached 20,622 with hospitalisations following the Covid-19 injections now totaling almost 109,000. Almost 1 million reports of Covid-19 injection damage have now been registered in VAERS. Almost 3,400 miscarriages now reported, over 10k heart attacks almost 21k cases of myocarditis and pericarditis. Over 34k people … Read more