America’s Frontline Doctors: Murdered Infants At The Heart Of Vaccine Research

“Aborted Fetal Cells and Vaccines — A Scandal Much Bigger Than Pfizer’s Whistleblower Ever Imagined,” by Caryn Lipson, October 18, 2021.

“Not only are the babies delivered alive, horrifically, their organs are often removed when they are still alive. This is how they got the HEK293 kidney cells used in the manufacture of the vaccines and why Pfizer wanted it to remain a secret…”

by Jon Rappoport – Humans Are Free –

The article at America’s Frontline Doctors’ website is headlined: “Aborted Fetal Cells and Vaccines — A Scandal Much Bigger Than Pfizer’s Whistleblower Ever Imagined,” by Caryn Lipson, October 18, 2021.

I’m going to quote from the article extensively and then add my comments.

“Recently, Pfizer whistleblower Melissa Strickler, a manufacturing quality auditor for the company, exposed some of their internal emails. She was horrified by the information they contained and spoke with Project Veritas about what she had uncovered – the use of fetal cells from aborted babies to test their COVID-19 vaccine. This is some of what top management wrote:”

“’From the perspective of corporate affairs,’ [Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research Vanessa] Gelman wrote in one email, ‘we want to avoid having the information on fetal cells floating out there … The risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit we could see, particularly with general members of the public who may take this information and use it in ways we may not want out there’.”

“In another email exchange between Advait Badkar, senior director of the Novel Delivery Technologies group within Pfizer’s Biotherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences organization, Gelman can be seen admitting to Badkar that, ‘One or more cell lines with an origin that can be traced back to human fetal tissue has been used in laboratory tests associated with the vaccine program’.”

“She warned him that, ‘We have been trying as much as possible to not mention the fetal cell lines’.”

“What Strickler wasn’t aware of is that the information about the fetal cells being used for the COVID-19 vaccine is well-known to scientists and researchers. Papers about the manufacturing techniques for COVID-19 vaccines, which included the use of fetal cells, were published online at least as far back as May 2020; she also didn’t know that she had uncovered only a small portion of a large scandal.”

“The fetal cells referred to in Pfizer’s emails were HEK293T cells, obtained from the kidney cells of a female fetus in 1973. In reality, all the currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines are made using aborted fetal cells, including Moderna’s.

“Moderna also used HEK293T cells in their proof-of-concept tests to see if the genetic instructions contained in these vaccines would be effectively taken up and produce the required spike protein.”

“Johnson and Johnson used both the PER.C6 cell line (derived from human embryonic retinal cells, originally from the retinal tissue of an 18-week-old fetus aborted in 1985) and the HEK293T cell line, to produce and assay (respectively) their Janssen adenovirus vaccine.”

AstraZeneca used the HEK293T cells to develop theirs, as did two other companies that have had their vaccines approved, CanSino Biologics and Gamaleya Research Institute (Sputnik V vaccine).”

“The use of aborted fetal cells in vaccine production has been going on for over 50 years, starting in the mid-to late 1970s. Antigens for several childhood vaccines are grown in aborted fetal cell lines MRC-5 and WI-38. These cell lines are found in the vaccines and are included in CDC’s vaccine excipient list as well as Johns Hopkins Institute for Vaccine Safety website…”

“Fetal DNA and proteins are also found in the Covid-19 vaccines, at least for the ones which were developed, not just tested, in fetal cells. Genetic engineer, Dr. Theresa Deisher, explains that it is impossible to totally separate the antigen from the medium it is grown in…”

“The use of aborted fetal cells raises tremendous ethical, moral, and health concerns.”

“Dr. Stanley Plotkin, a renowned vaccinologist, was deposed in January 2018, by attorney Aaron Siri, prior to testifying in a divorce case, where the parents disagreed about vaccination. Plotkin has a very long list of credentials including Emeritus Professor of the University of Pennsylvania, and Adjunct Professor of the Johns Hopkins University. He has received numerous honors and has lectures named for him. He developed the rubella vaccine, is codeveloper of the pentavalent rotavirus vaccine, and has worked extensively on the development and application of other vaccines including anthrax, oral polio, rabies, varicella, and cytomegalovirus. He is now a consultant to vaccine manufacturers, biotechnology companies and non-profit research organizations as principal of Vaxconsult, LLC.”

“ [Plotkin:] ‘Because living tissue is needed for the primary culture, these abortions are often done by the “water bag” method which delivers the fetuses (between 2-4 months gestation) ALIVE. (Limbs, organs, and tissues from aborted fetuses are also a mainstay of modern medical research.) Included in vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, shingles, rotavirus, adenovirus and rabies are human DNA fragments …’” [emphasis added]

“Not only are the babies delivered alive, horrifically, their organs are often removed when they are still alive. This is how they got the HEK293 kidney cells used in the manufacture of the vaccines and why Pfizer wanted it to remain a secret…”

—end of article excerpt—

Medically eliminate the unwanted.

These murderous crimes of infanticide are part and parcel of the Rockefeller eugenics movement, which took hold early in the 20th century, and involved, at the very least, the US, Germany, Canada, and Sweden.

And then, of course, the Nazi regime vastly expanded medical torture and killing of the unwanted in their concentration camps. The Nuremburg War Crimes trials, at the end of World War 2, failed to alert the whole world to the essentially MEDICAL basis of many of these crimes.

In other words, the Nazi doctors were not a lone aberration in an otherwise benign world of medical research. The whole modern medical structure was woven with inhuman and sadistic practices.

And still is.

I call to the attention of the Frontline Doctors the depth and breadth of a related open secret. I have reported on it many times.

Several key studies have revealed it.

The one study-review I have cited most often: Author Dr. Barbara Starfield, revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; the Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000; “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?

Starfield concluded that, in the US, medical doctors kill 225,000 people per year. 2.25 MILLION people per decade. 106,000 a year die as a result of the administration of FDA approved drugs. 119,000 a year die from mistreatment and errors in hospitals.

In an interview I conducted with Starfield in 2009, she stated that there had been no comprehensive government program to address and undo this horrific ongoing catastrophe; nor had she been consulted by government to plan a strategy for reforming the medical system.

This, despite the obvious fact that, after her review was published in 2000, and after other similar studies were published, MANY public health officials, politicians, journalists, doctors, heads of medical schools, pharmaceutical executives and researchers were well aware of the horrendous medically caused death toll.

Therefore, we are talking about negligent homicide, at the very least—and actually, much more than that.

There is a massive and diverse supply of medical drugs available for doctors to prescribe, and clearly many of these drugs are, in fact, experimental. Their certification and licensing by the FDA means nothing. They are deemed safe and effective, but they kill and maim.

This is precisely the crisis we are now facing with the release of COVID vaccines. They are experimental. They employ an RNA technology never imposed on the public before. The huge number of vaccine injuries and deaths piling up, worldwide, should come as no surprise.

When The People are viewed as guinea pigs, as expendable, even as unnecessary and unwanted, why wouldn’t soulless companies release one drug and vaccine after another, in an unending river, with no concern for the consequences?

And to ensure compliance in following “the dosage schedule”—why not lock populations in their homes, shut down their businesses, and announce and enforce mandates?

If researchers, technicians, doctors, and pharmaceutical executives are willing to murder infants for body parts in their cell-line machinations, what aren’t they willing to do?

Many independent journalists and investigators are essentially conducting our own Nuremburg War Crimes trials. We are doing it because government all over the world have already surrendered to the Medical Cartel.

In 1933, the largest cartel in the world, IG Farben, enabled Hitler’s rise to power. Farben: pharmaceuticals, dyes, chemicals, synthetics.

During WW2, Farben had prisoners shipped from Auschwitz to its nearby facility, where horrendous medical/pharmaceutical experiments were carried out on them.

For accounts, read The Devil’s Chemists, by Josiah DuBois, and The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben, by Joseph Borkin.

At the end of the War, Farben executives were put on trial and, despite the efforts of Telford Taylor, the chief US prosecutor, and assistant prosecutor, Josiah DuBois, the sentences handed out were light.

For example, Fritz Ter Meer, a high-ranking Farben executive, was tried for mass murder and slavery, and sentenced to a paltry seven years in jail. He was released after three years, and went on to occupy a post as chairman of the advisory board of Bayer, a “branch on the tree” of the nominally “disbanded” IG Farben.

During World War 2, Josiah Du Bois, representing the US federal government, had been sent on a fact-finding mission to Guatemala. His comment: “As far as I can tell the country is a wholly owned subsidiary of Farben.”

What Farben stood for was an attempt to remake the planet in terms of power.

Farben held important cards. It employed brilliant chemists who, in some ways, moved far ahead of its competitors. Farben was all about synthetics. Rubber, oil, dyes, pharmaceuticals.

More importantly, Farben saw itself as a modern version of the old alchemists: transforming one substance into another. It came to believe that, with enough time, it would be able to make “anything from anything.” It envisioned labs in which basic chemical facts of the universe would be changed so that, in practice, elements would be virtually interchangeable.

This paralleled the Nazi obsession to discover the lost secrets of the mythical Aryan race and then reconstitute it with selective breeding, genetic engineering, and of course the mass murder of “lesser peoples.”

On one level, there was the idea of chemical transformations, and on another level, the transformation of the human species.

Today’s pharmaceutical giants are mainly spin-offs of the old Farben, or former close collaborators. They design myriad drugs and vaccines that maim and kill and pacify and debilitate (and therefore control) populations; and they also now labor to produce new cutting edge techniques to genetically modify and transform the human species