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Meet Bill Gates


There can be no doubt that Bill Gates has worn many hats on his remarkable journey from his early life as the privileged son of a Seattle-area power couple to his current status as one of the richest and most influential people on the planet. But, as we have seen in our exploration of Gates’ rise as unelected global health czar and population control advocate, the question of who Bill Gates really is is no mere philosophical pursuit. Today we will attempt to answer that question as we examine the motives, the ideology, and the connections of this man who has been so instrumental in shaping the post-coronavirus world.
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Who Is Bill Gates? (Full Documentary, 2020)

Just in time for #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action, The Corbett Report is releasing the full Who Is Bill Gates? documentary in a single upload. Please help to spread the word about this documentary, including the audio and video downloads and hyperlinked transcript at corbettreport.com/gates

Why We Must #ExposeBillGates

Schwab Family Values

Is the real Klaus Schwab a kindly old uncle figure wishing to do good for humanity, or is he really the son of a Nazi collaborator who used slave labour and aided Nazi efforts to obtain the first atomic bomb? Johnny Vedmore investigates.
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Meet the Duke of Davos

COLOGNY, Switzerland (Fortune) — I was born in 1938 in Germany, but I was very fortunate. My father was the managing director of a Swiss machinery company, and during the war I spent time in Switzerland.

After the war I became active in efforts to bring French and German youth together. In 1969, after two Ph.D.s and a year at Harvard’s Kennedy School, I started writing a book about American management.

I said that in order to achieve long-term growth and prosperity, management must serve all stakeholders. The idea of the first Davos symposium was to create a platform that would allow stakeholders to exchange concerns and knowledge.

How I got started

Bet big. [In order to fund Davos] in 1970 I took a 50,000 Swiss franc ($11,434) loan from a German industrialist. The condition was either to pay him back or join his company, so I was nervous.

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Episode 403 – Meet the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum does not run the world, but in this time of The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Today on The Corbett Report podcast, join James for a wild ride through the murky origins of the WEF’s past into the nightmarish future it is seeking to bring about . . . and how we can use this information to better understand and derail its agenda.
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Episode 387 – Your Guide to The Great Reset

You’ve all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda and its vision of a post-human Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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Winter Oak – lots of information regarding the Great Reset & Global Governance and the Global Resistance