New Media

Mainstream media has become a Goliath that is threatening the very fabric of our society. Alternative media is analogous to David fighting back against a huge, seemingly invincible foe. David won that Biblical battle and we believe that alternative media will ultimately win the battle against the corporate owned mainstream media, but we need YOUR help and participation.

Mainstream media is the public relations (propaganda) division of the fascist collusion between government and corporations that seek to control our minds and our lives.

Given the growing concern around FAKE NEWS, PROPAGANDA and CENSORSHIP, many people are turning to alternative media to learn the truth about what is REALLY going on.

News sites that are critical of the government or discuss topics that are not aligned with the corporate talking points are being attacked for being “fake.” The corporate media sponsored “fact-checkers” call these sites “fake news,” but the truth is very much the opposite. It is actually the corporate-owned media that are the true purveyors of fake news.

Alternative media is independent and is NOT beholden to government or corporate influence

The mainstream media  is your enemy.    

Question everything.

Do your own research.

Use your power of discernment.

​Make up your own mind.

While you still can.


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