Senator Sharon Keogan – Covid Inquiry

At the end of August, both the UK and Northern Ireland established independent covid-19 inquiries examining the response to the pandemic leveled by Boris Johnson’s cabinet and the NI Executive respectively. Ireland’s is nowhere to be seen — why is this country’s leadership so afraid of accountability? I first raised the issue in this chamber … Read more

Clare Daly responds after Ukraine puts her on list of people who allegedly promote Russian propaganda

Ciara O’Loughlin and Seoirse Mulgrewsource: July 27 2022 08:37 AM Irish MEP Clare Daly has responded after she was put on a list compiled by Ukraine’s secret service who it claims “promote narratives consonant with Russian propaganda”. The list includes 72 public figures across the globe who Ukraine deems to be sharing harmful narratives.  … Read more

The truth about the national interest – Leo Varadkar: ‘people may lose their job as well as a house’

watch on odysee In a direct threat to ordinary Irish people, Tánaiste (deputy Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar suggests those who turn to nationalism, populism or euroscepticism as a political response to state policy which has made housing inaccessible “may lose their job as well as a house”.

Senator Sharon Keogan calls for debate on WHO International Pandemic Treaty

watch on youtube WHO – International Pandemic Treaty Whatever happened to debate and a frank exchange of views? My job to make sure that there is an open and public debate and if necessary a referendum on Ireland’s support for this treaty. I highlighted Minster Stephen Donnelly voicing of Ireland’s support for the World Health … Read more

Mick Wallace and Clare Daly: State Media Stars in Russia and China | The Tonight Show

Ciara Doherty is joined by Journalist Naomi O’Leary, Broadcaster Niall Boylan and Journalist Michael O’Regan to discuss the rise to fame of the European MEPs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly have had in state media in Russia and China. Naomi O’Leary broke the story, where she tracked the international footprint of the two MEPs has … Read more

A tale of muppets, puppets, pawns and pricks /TheIrishInquiry/posts/403767035060462 The Irish Inquiry The Irish Inquiry April 8 A TALE OF MUPPETS, PUPPETS, PAWNS AND PRICKS:(Don’t bother reading if easily offended) “I’m just a man, nothing special nothing grand, I’ve had to work for everything I own”. So wrote Christy Moore. His words came to mind as President Zelenskiy addressed members of Dáil … Read more

Zelensky speaks to the Dáil, our neutrality is damaged, we must fight to restore it – by Dr Vincent Carroll

Watch on bitchute /news/politics/oireachtas/you-have-not-remained-neutral-volodymr-zelenskiy-thanks-ireland-in-oireachtas-address-1.4845637 ‘You have not remained neutral’ – Volodymr Zelenskiy thanks Ireland in Oireachtas address Sarah Burns 6/4/2022 Ukrainian president says Russia using hunger as a weapon against ‘ordinary people’ Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has delivered a speech to members of the Dáil and Seanad via video link. TDs, Senators and foreign … Read more

Clare Daly & Mick Wallace- MEP : Ukraine-Russia-Afghanistan – Ireland and Nato

  7 March 2022Clare Daly (The Left). – Madam President, there’s no doubt about it, we’re living in times of catastrophic crisis where the lives of innocent civilians are sacrificed in the wars of their masters. Yes, in Ukraine, but not only. Since the last plenary, tens of thousands of Afghani citizens have been forced to … Read more

Mick Wallace says russia has ‘genuine security concerns’ as he and Clare Daly defend opposition to EU motion /irish-news/mick-wallace-says-russia-has-genuine-security-concerns-as-he-and-clare-daly-defend-opposition-to-eu-motion-41447616.html Allison Bray 15/3/2022 MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace last night stood by their opposition to a European Parliament motion against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mr Wallace said Russia “has genuine security concerns about NATO going into Ukraine but that doesn’t change the fact that what Russia has done now is a … Read more

Govt agrees to end almost all Covid measures /news/coronavirus/2022/0222/1282223-coronavirus-ireland/ Mícheál Lehane 22/2/2022 The Cabinet has agreed to end almost all remaining health restrictions from next Monday. This means that mask wearing in schools, in retail settings and on public transport will be voluntary from 28 February, but they will still be required in health care. There will be advice that people should … Read more

TD Catherine Connolly – what Ireland has been waiting for?

Watch on Bitchute Deputy Connolly raises the important issues surrounding the draconian measures that were brought in on a temporary basis and the need for a human rights assessment of these measures. – 9 Dec 2021 See also: blog post and more video’s on Life is just a Game . Also on that website much … Read more

A Covid Ireland Follow the Money Memes – The Irish Cabal Family – GP’s payment

Source: Life is Just a Game Aine Kerr – read more Mark Little – read more Which Companies Benefited from this? ******* Just a sample of what the media got to push the narrative ***************** The NHS UK – same plan for genocide of the elderly This Man owns Roqu to whom the Irish … Read more

In a surprise move, Ireland’s Prime Minister announces most COVID restrictions will be lifted Life Site News – Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin announced that most COVID restrictions will be lifted from tomorrow, Saturday, but his government has decided against scrapping vaccine travel certificates and mask mandates implemented in shops and on public transport. The decision to relax the rules has been welcomed across the political spectrum, but … Read more

The Day the Music Died

Post navigation ← Access BlockedPreviously Read → ‘The Day The Music Died’ Bodger at 1:33 pm December 6, 202122 Friday. Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice- speech from 3 Dec 2021 Dáil Eireann. Roscommon-Galway independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice made a passionate response to news of new covid restrictions…. “When I saw stuff coming up on my phone today, … Read more

Senator Sharon Keogan- Health & Criminal Justice (Covid19) Amendment Bill (No.2) Bill 2021 – 9 December 2021

9 December 2021Source: Senator Sharon Keogan The time limited nature of these acts has been stressed so heavily but yet each sunset clause was used in its entirety in every single one for the full amount. When we debated those Minister you stressed that was the last of it. These changes went through the houses … Read more

Health (Amendment) (no3) Bill: Second Stage -Connolly: the word is ‘Moronic’; I look at the human rights aspect

Legislation with regards to re-introduce Hotel Quarantine.The narrative of a very dangerous virus and its variants is continued and fuelling the fear.It is all about saving lives, no mentioning of treatment with ivermectine etc that will prevent deaths and overcrowding hospitals. Dail: 2 December 2021 Watch on youtube and hereAll video of the Irish TD’s … Read more

Health (Preservation and Protection and other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest) Act 2020 “Detention and isolation”

Source: ISB – House of Oireachtas Detention and isolation of persons in certain circumstances 11. The Act of 1947 is amended by insertion of the following section after section 38: “38A. (1) Where, having regard to the matters specified in subsection (2), a medical officer of health believes in good faith that— (a) a person … Read more

FF senator: Unvaxxed should be banned from supermarkets, buses

Source: GriptNovember 24, 2021   |   Ben Scallan   |   Comment Ireland FF senator: Unvaxxed should be banned from supermarkets, buses Less than two years ago, a politician suggesting that citizens should be refused the right to “participate in society” on account of their medical choices would have been unthinkable. Now, it doesn’t … Read more

Health( Preservation, Protection & Other Emergencies Act 2020. – Senator Keogan

Senator Sharon Keogan I will be voting against the motion of Health( Preservation & Protection & Other Emergencies services in the public interest Act 2020. We are coming up to 2 years of living with Covid and we understand the impact this level of disease is having on our health services. This means you’ve had … Read more

Health (Preservation and Protection and other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest) Act 2020: Motion – November 2021- Irish Politician’s view

Excerpts from the debateSenator Keogan: “It is with great pleasure that I inform the Minister that I am one of the reckless elected Members who will vote against the motion. It really was a show in the Lower House yesterday – I will touch on that in a moment – but the Minister’s speech gives … Read more

The Government’s emergency COVID-19 powers extended until February 9th.

Source: NewstalkThe Government’s emergency COVID-19 powers will remain in place until February 9th. They were due to end next week, but TDs last night backed a three-month extension by 82 votes to 44. It gives a legal footing to some of the restrictions that remain in place, such as requiring vaccine passports and face-masks to … Read more

COVID certs are “simply not working” – Tóibín

Source: Newstalk, visit the website to listen to the podcast COVID certs are “simply not working” and there is now a danger the Government will look to introduce them on a semi-permanent basis, according to Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín. It comes after it emerged that the emergency powers underpinning the certs and other COVID regulations … Read more

Health (Amendment) (No.2) Act 2021 – Irish Politician’s view

Download full debate from Oireachtas website Watch video – votes result at 12.54 The debate regarding the Health Amendment No 2 Act 2021 is missing in this video The debate regarding the Health Amendment No 2 Act is also missing in the pdf Download debate from Oireachtas websiteWatch video from Oireachtas website Full debate from … Read more

Senator Sharon Keogan – Media Coverage over Covid Vaccinations

I have previously expressed my concerns about dividing society on the basis of their vaccination status and I have opposed any legisaltion which encourages this. Pat Kenny in particular demonised teenagers for going to the cinema and referring to them as vaccinatable as if this persons worth was based on adding them to the tally … Read more

Sharon Keogan – Extension of Part 2 of the Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2021

Senator Sharon Keogan- speech from 06 Oct 2021 Motion regarding continuation of Provisions in the Health (Amendment) (No 2) Act 2021 Are you interested in politics? Are you looking for a speech by your TD? Subscribe to our channel! This video is prepared by VideoParliament YouTube Channel Source: Senead Speeches Today I … Read more

Ireland’s politicians in Dail Eireann /irelands-politicians-in-dail-eireann/ Please see the list of Constituencies and their Elected Representatives in the “RELATED CONTENT” menu How they voted on 2 June 2021 in Dail Eireann to extend the emergency powers until Nov 2021 and gave the Minister for Health even more powers.  Some of these went to great lengths on social media to … Read more