How to Treat Covid 19 with Medical Gases and other cheap and relatively Risk Free Alternatives

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Treatment Protocols

Summary of the Spike Protein Protocol – update/if you know someone who has been injected and requires help, please provide them with this protocol.

  • Extensive article, inclusive herbal remedies and recipes for herbal tea and home made hydroxychloroquine (Quinine)
  • This is the Nutrition Protocol to Prevent Damage from Spike Protein and Derivatives due to Injection and to Protect from Spike Protein Shedding
  • How to make a pine needle tea
  • Medical information, help, where to get Hydroxychloroquine
    act now, be prepared, treatment (Dr. Lee Merritt)
  • For protocols go to,
  • Any transmission appears to require skin-to-skin contact rather than via airborne alone: Video

I-MASK+ Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19

You can download the MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol for COVID-19, for use by professionals, with detailed guidance on the timing of initiation along with the suggested initial doses and durations of each component medication. The protocol document is available for download in multiple languages (see below) – more translations are available  here.

Please also review our  I-MASK+ Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19, which was developed for the prevention and early outpatient treatment of COVID-19. Both are physiologic-based combination treatment regimens developed by leaders in critical care medicine. All component medicines are FDA-approved, inexpensive, readily available and have been used for decades with well-established safety profiles. In October 2020, we added ivermectin as a core medication in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

Please do not consider these protocols as personal medical advice, but as a recommendation for use by professional providers. Consult with your doctor, share the information on this website and discuss with her/him. Please review our  Disclaimers!