MEP Cristian Terhes face to face with Ursula von der Leyen regarding the State of the Union 2021

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00:00 their president von der leyen in 2019 as
00:03 a candidate for the office that you are
00:04 holding right now you said in this
00:06 plenary and i quote the foundation of
00:08 our european civilization is greek
00:10 philosophy and roman law
00:12 what you did not mention
00:13 in that speech is the fundamental role
00:16 that christianity and implicitly the
00:18 judeo-christian values had in developing
00:20 the european civilization
00:22 based on these christian values and the
00:24 belief that all human beings are created
00:26 in the image of god
00:27 the fundamental and inalienable rights
00:30 were developed which later was specified
00:32 in treaties and conventions as well as
00:34 national constitutions and laws
00:37 reducing the european civilization only
00:39 to greek philosophy and roman law and
00:41 ignoring the judeo-christian values
00:43 you’ll find arguments for inequality and
00:46 slavery as he was in ancient greece and
00:48 tyranny as he was in the ancient rome
00:51 under you realership unfortunately the
00:53 european union became from an area of
00:55 freedom a concentration camp in which
00:58 people cannot travel eating restaurants
01:00 or go to movies unless they have a green
01:02 certificate i urge you therefore to
01:04 promote and defend in the european union
01:06 the christian heritage and values based
01:08 on which well are created by god equal
01:11 and born free thank you thank you
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