Pre-action letter for school principals and boards of management relating to liability for vaccine damage and mask-related injuries

Source: Gemma O’Doherty

Dear School Manager (Name),

We write to you to express our grave concern about the treatment of our children at school as a result of Covid
state measures.
Your facility is:

(i) advocating the use of experimental vaccines, which is a breach of the Nuremberg Code
(ii) enforcing unscientific and psychologically harmful‘social distancing’
(iii) requiring children to wear unhygienic face masks during school hours which can impact their oxygen intake and cause long-term damage to health.

While there are many growing questions about the legality of these measures, there is no doubt that school principals and their boards of management will be held liable for any harm caused to our children by these unsafe measures at some point in the future.
Respiratory experts, neurologists and psychologists have confirmed that children are harmed by wearing masks for long periods. Apart from the social isolation it causes, masks impede the intake of oxygen and the exhalation of carbon dioxide.

Because people whose respiratory organs are covered by masks have to inhale more deeply to receive oxygen, this causes the plastic fibres in masks to be drawn deeply into the lungs. This can lead to diseases in later life such as pulmonary fibrosis and lung cancer.
Masks also force the heart to work harder. All of this is stressful to the growing child and contrary to everything we know about responsible child-rearing.

When our children become adults, they would be well within their rights to take legal action against you and other individuals who implemented this in their schools for the damage caused to them by these experimental practices that have no basis in science. Not one study exists to prove that masks stop the spread of viruses. As such, there was never any benefit to wearing them in the first place.
The relentless push for hand sanitising is also endangering our children’s health by attacking and weakening their immune systems and causing harm to their skin.

Social distancing is damaging too as countless psychologists attest. It impedes normal childhood interaction and development, limits social and emotional expression, and forces a child to maintain a shield of isolation around himself or herself.

Again, some of these children may return to your school one day and demand to know why you did this to them. Many will regard your actions as punitive, unethical and barbaric.

Vaccines are also highly controversial – and for good reason. The government recently introduced a free nasal vaccine (Fluenz Tetra) for schoolchildren and issued an information leaflet for parents which failed to mention that the vaccines

(a) contained four attenuated live viruses and (b) were genetically modified. By doing so it breached the HSE guidelines on informed consent.

The internet is brimming with heartbreaking accounts by parents of the life-changing injuries inflicted on their children by vaccines. Both the government and the pharmaceutical industry routinely dismiss these concerns but the US Supreme Court has ruled that vaccines are ‘unavoidably unsafe.’ The HPV vaccine has damaged thousands of Irish teenage girls and can increase the risk of cancer by 44%. More than $4bn has been paid out for injuries and death in the US Vaccine Courts yet in Ireland the vaccine industry is legally exempt from any harm caused by its products.

You wouldn’t drive a new car without a safety guarantee. How could you risk injecting children in your care with a drug that has not passed rigid safety tests? The proposed Covid vaccines are especially troubling. They have been developed in only a few months, bypassing many of the controls and standards that are considered essential. They are genetically modified and, more importantly, employ mRNA technology which, as many scientists have warned, is capable of disrupting our DNA or interfering with essential biochemical processes. Furthermore, the short-term trials carried out so far cannot, by definition, give any assurance regarding the impact of these vaccines in the longer term. Some of those involved have become seriously ill.

The vaccines are unlike any used previously in Ireland and, in the absence of extensive testing, constitute a medical experiment on the Irish people. Given the lack of data on the effect that these vaccines will have on young children, as well as the additional risk associated with the use of genetically active ingredients, the programme will be even more experimental – and, in our opinion, more irresponsible – where our children are concerned. Is this level of risk acceptable, especially as the virus in question is known to have virtually no effect on children?

In their urgent submission to the European Medicines Agency (1 December 2020), Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (Chairman of the Health Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) and Dr Michael Yeadon (former head of Respiratory Reseach at Pfizer) stated that one or more of the Covid vaccines have ingredients which affect the development of the placenta in mammals. They are concerned thatantibodies produced by the vaccine ‘would result in vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile.’

School principals and Boards of Management have a duty of care to the children in their charge, a duty which cannot be erased by government policies. Even if the pharmaceutical companies have cleverly evaded all liability for the harm caused by their vaccines, everyone involved in distributing or endorsing them can still be held accountable under the law.

If this experiment goes wrong, the implications are very serious. Once a vaccine is administered, its effects cannot be undone. Please take the time to consider these matters and take notice that you will be held personally liable for any damage done to our children as a result of vaccination.

There is an onus on you to protect Irish children – the children in your care – who are the future of our country.

Yours sincerely