Leo Varadkar TD and the World Economic Forum

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Please note on the website Life is just a Game is a False quote from Klaus Schwab, see below. The quote – compiled in an image -bis from H.G. Wells

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Leo on the WEF website:

  • Studied medicine at Trinity College Dublin and qualified as a General Practitioner. Former Member and Deputy Mayor of Fingal County Council. 2007, first elected to Dáil Eireann, Ireland (House of Representatives) as the TD (Member of the House of Representatives) for Dublin West. 2011-14, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport. 2014-16, Minister for Health. 2016-17, Minister for Social Protection. Since June 2017, Leader of the Fine Gael Party and Taoiseach. Youngest member of the Irish Government, the only gay member of the cabinet.

To put it all in context:
The Quote below – from the website Life is just a Game – is not correct. It is a quote from Wells and can be found in the pdf/book from Coleman

Download the pdf and see page 105 for the quote from H.G. Wells and NOT from Klaus Schwab
The basic list of 300 on page 110, the companies a.o. Bank of Ireland page 148. Full List of 300 page 158
Download document by John Coleman 1991

THIS IS FALSE INFORMATION as found on the website from Life is just a Game

Full article here

Young Global Leaders.… by Klaus
Watch here incl. transcirption – Young Global Leaders. W.E.F.
Leo Varadkar a previous Young Global Leader, along with many others in power
Watch video here

Varadkar calls on Europe to form stronger common foreign policy – 24 Jan 2019

  • : “I think that Europe needs to really be able to have a common foreign policy in particular, and act in the world.”To be a force for good in the world… on economic development, international development, climate change.”Asked by the World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab on his vision for Europe over the next five to ten years, Mr Varadkar said Europe should move from being an economic power to having a stronger political influence, due to changes in US and Chinese policy.He told the audience: “America has decided to move away from its former role in world leadership regrettably, at least for now. China is becoming ever stronger, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

An Taoiseach and Minister Donohoe travel to Davos World Economic Forum – 23 Jan 2019

  • This year it will focus on Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Leo Varadkar named on list of ‘global leaders’  under 40 – This is a rather odd list – along the lines of the European Young Leaders list.  Seems that if you take part in their programmes the only way is up, fast track to the top in business and global government – 9 May 2018

Varadkar and Irish hedge fund chief on WEF young leader list – 9 May 2018

Leo Varadkar named as one of the ‘World’s Brightest under 40’ in international list – Varadkar was chosen because of his determination to provide free healthcare to children and the elderly, as well as his work in producing Ireland’s National Maternity Strategy. –  May 2018

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