Mick Wallace and Clare Daly: State Media Stars in Russia and China | The Tonight Show

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Ciara Doherty is joined by Journalist Naomi O’Leary, Broadcaster Niall Boylan and Journalist Michael O’Regan to discuss the rise to fame of the European MEPs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly have had in state media in Russia and China. Naomi O’Leary broke the story, where she tracked the international footprint of the two MEPs has revealed their outsized profile in the state-controlled media operations of various authoritarian regimes. The two MP’s have been strong advocates for pro-peace, but Ciara asks if they have gone too far and if their stances will be held as Irish political stances to other countries.

mick wallace – https://extra.ie/2022/03/17/news/irish-news/mick-wallace-under-fire-for-nasty-tweet-about-ukraine-president