Chemtrails – ‘Once upon a time when the sky was blue’ Agenda 2030, who is behind chemtrails?

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Ella Cruz

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Miles below the sky we watch mysterious jets leaving foamy X patterns and incubate our horizon. Record-breaking temperatures freeze parts of the Earth, and we wonder what is going on. The planes cover the sun, but since 2018 they cover the moon too. Now they come around 11 pm, fly a very low altitude spray until 2.30 am and leave before coming back around 5 am and spray until 2-3 pm. When they spray during the night, the day after, dense fog is right behind our window all over the street.
Spraying stratospheric aerosols into the Earth’s atmosphere which is proven to be extremely toxic, is used as cloud seeding and hence is contaminating the environment and biologic health. In this fashion, the loop of interfering with nature then blaming the resulted atmosphere “on” nature itself has preposterously become the pattern and the basis for researches and courses in favor of geoengineering. The old trick of chicken or egg has now become a trend when evidence is necessary to back up their so-called science. The Godless science through the use of genetics or better say legalized eugenics lets the human species not only to create fake chicken or fake egg in their labs but also to fake climate change. They have “created” the drought situation to prove the drought exists. Why? Because the central part of the Climate Change agenda is based on a possible drought in the future when all water resources are exhausted due to global warming which gives the United Nations the permission to declare an emergency and that emergency will be a turning point which will change our way of life forever. So if they don’t have real global warming to cause a real drought, they make it up.

For now, they are hoping to grab all guns and SECURE (Chinese style) the internet before 2020’s election to be able to rig the election gleefully. However, one of the essential items of the 2030 agenda which is the occupation of the sky and possessing the air is already done through chemtrails.

“The sun is BAD, and we should cover it” was successful. The sheeple generation who has his head down to his waist into his cellphone has no time to check the sky. The sky is occupied and they don’t even know it.

Now they are coming for more…

They want to strip you off from all land, all water, all sea, all food, all livestock, all guns, all technology and you used to know as a free people…

It’s coming. The freedomless, cashless, gunless, pornographic, pedophile society is coming. 250 smart city projects in progress, 800,000 children who are missing in the U.S. each year (meaning 2222 child per day), lawmakers and judges who push legalizing pedophilia, and Nazis in America who have established one of the most horrifying concentration camps which by no means look like the German concentration camps and call it “smart cities.”

It’s coming.

Smart cities are not beauties that I denigrate. There is nothing vital in them that I flatten. There is no universally defined vocabulary to describe the viciousness of smart cities.

The final product of the new world order,

and the mark of the beast

is coming.

Just as Twitter and Facebook shut down your account in a fraction of a second because they don’t like you, your business and your bank account will be unauthorized – if they let you have any in the first place. You will be watched and traced to everything you do and everywhere you go. The highly technological city cannot be formed without the whole city being watched. We will be forced to integrate the system and saturated by the synthesis.

Your health will become a public concern as it may affect the “public good”, so if they determine that you have a mental problem because you disagree with them, you will be given your medicine and will be watched to take them and will be kept in contempt if you don’t as for the “public good” principle, you will be a threat to the “public.” You will be so controlled to even forget the sequence of what has happened to you. Basically, you will be catapulted to knowing your place. Intensity and clarity of your mind will be considered a threat.

They may consider an exact time for sleeping and wake up. They may consider you are not allowed to eat meat or bread or whatever they don’t consider it healthy, because if you are not healthy, it may affect the “public health.”

They will severely obligate your kids what to read. They may even forbid you to have kids, or they may force you to conceal for them just to confiscate the child at the moment of birth.

The possibilities are unlimited, but as a free people, you are not able to paint a situation like this. Had you anybody in prison? Ask them how were the rules for taking a shower or taking their meals, talking to other inmates and reading books. Watch movies made in prisons. The information available to you will be limited because no historical prison will be like smart cities.

People will be completely dependent on the government for everything they get. Nothing in the world is free. If they shed a positive light on smart cities that everything will be free, and nobody will own nothing because the government will provide everything you need, that is a big lie. They have removed your biggest commodity in the world which is YOUR freedom. Your freedom is gone, and they will have all the freedom they want.

We will be all the same.

Pain doesn’t discriminate.

There will no longer be energy providers as the government will provide while tracking your fair share of energy. They will track whatever electronics and technology you have in your house. They will know what is and what is not in your refrigerators and if you are storing a forbidden food, they will know it.

You can no longer move without your microchipped ID verification on the public transportation system, and you will have a coupon to be able to move to a certain distance as more distance will consume more fuel and you will harm the global warming. What is or is not your “right” will be completely modified and determined by the government regulations according to the “public good.”

Add to all that, Artificial Intelligence and robot superiority is the next to come. There will be no focus on what is authentic and appropriate for us, just total obedience. The mighty and smart will be bullied as…

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