Alarm grows as researchers warn of dangers of the COVID-19 shots

Dr Anthony Fauci, head of the US government’s COVID-19 response. Photo: AFP

Source: Mizzima 25 July 2021
In ground-breaking news, Spanish medical researchers in two separate studies have analysed the contents of Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine vials and found a toxic blood-clotting substance or poison that may be responsible for adverse effects and deaths in recipients.

The toxic substance graphene oxide was found in the Pfizer vials by Spanish researchers has now been confirmed to also be the main ingredient in the AstraZeneca vaccine, according to another scientific research group.

The news first came out on June 25 on a Spanish television show. El Gato al Agua, a current affairs show hosted by José Javier Esparza broke the news that toxic nanoparticulates of graphene oxide have been found in massive quantities in the Pfizer vaccine analyzed by Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid and other biochemists and academics at the University of Almeria, on the initiative of La Quinta Columna, a small group of Spanish researchers headed by Dr. Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano.

Dr. Delgado states that the nanographene oxide creates thrombogenicity or blood-clotting in the veins, compromises the immune system, causes bilateral pneumonia, causes loss of smell and taste, causes multi-organ inflammation and essentially creates all the symptoms attributed early in the pandemic rollout to COVID-19.

The researchers note that graphene oxide has been used before in small quantities as an adjuvant in vaccines, and may be found at low levels in flu shots.

The surprise here in the vials tested was the high quantity of graphene oxide, with Dr Delgado claiming it made up close to 98 percent to 99 percent of the contents.

These findings add to the alarm bells being rung by health professionals around the world over the alleged dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines, including the problems allegedly associated with the experimental mRNA contents in the vaccines.

However, this graphene oxide finding is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dangers and complexity of this unprecedented worldwide vaccine experiment.

Hard evidence – most available in the public domain – is now being brought forward to try to explain how this came about.

And here we are caught up with an inconvenient truth – allegations that the COVID-19 pandemic was man-made and planned.

So, how did we get into this situation?


Controversy continues to grow over the unprecedented push to vaccinate billions of people around the world to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments and health authorities are claiming receiving the vaccine – typically administered in two doses – will allow people to return to their normal lives and help prevent the spread of the virus that according to official figures has infected 189 million and killed over 4 million worldwide as of mid-July 2021.

Many people appear to be rushing to get the shot so that they can be free to travel or free to enter pubs, restaurants or entertainment venues, as governments edge towards mandatory vaccines and the restrictions of vaccine passports.

However, a growing body of medical experts and researchers are raising the alarm over these unprecedented moves built on what they claim are, firstly, questionable COVID-19 virus case numbers, secondly, the potential dangers posed by the vaccines, and, thirdly, fraud.

Worryingly, evidence is emerging through the examination of publicly released plans, patents and dossiers compiled by researchers going back as far as 1999 that the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic was planned, was man-made and was released to funnel people towards taking the vaccine.

It raises the question – Why do the authorities want the world’s population inoculated with a largely untested, experimental vaccine, one that they admit does not stop the recipient catching or passing on the COVID-19 virus?


Getting a grip on the complexities and figures involved with the pandemic will help in understanding why the world sleepwalked into this unprecedented crisis.

At face value, the official figures of 189 million infected and over 4 million killed worldwide sound frightening and there is no reason to make light of the fact that people have suffered and died from what is labelled COVID-19.

But the pandemic “narrative” is beginning to collapse as health authorities start to roll back the numbers – as seen in the recent announcements of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and what are now recognized as heavily overinflated RT-PCR testing cases and COVID-19 death figures.

Governments and health authorities are beginning to admit that they got it wrong both in terms of the COVID-19 numbers – but also in terms of the potential dangers posed by the vaccines.

Ground zero in the COVID-19 monitoring process is the test to assess whether people have caught the virus. A growing body of medical professionals claim the RT-PCR test is not fit for purpose, with as much as 90 percent of the tests producing “false positives” – meaning the actual total case numbers and death numbers could be a fraction of the stated official figures.

It is alleged that the core problems with the tests is, firstly, they don’t test for what is said to be COVID-19 – a virus that has yet to be isolated – and, secondly, the RT-PCR cycle threshold used in most of the tests around the world was far too high, leading to a misleading number of “false positives”.

A growing number of health officials around the world from the United States to Myanmar admit that the number of people who have died directly and solely of COVID-19 is far less than the published figures. For example, the Minister of Health and Sports in Myanmar stated in 2020 that possibly 90 percent of the COVID-19 death figures in his country should be attributed to other conditions and diseases, not COVID-19.

Lack of clarity with this case toll and death toll has led to a situation where it is becoming clearer that the COVID-19 toll may be exaggerated. Naturally, nobody wants to make light of the deaths of people from COVID-19. And with the media making a fuss about problems of disposing of bodies in India and Myanmar, there is need for caution. But what may be true according to health professionals and researchers is that a sizeable number of people dying are actually dying from other conditions and diseases – the reason for death put down as COVID-19.

In addition, there is a question of perception. The official world death toll of 4 million, even if it is correct, may not be considered to be so sizeable compared to the world death figures for an 18-month period. Approximately 59 million people died in 2020 of various conditions including heart disease, cancer, accidents and old age.

What is clear is how the pandemic has been mismanaged by medical authorities around the world, with a core issue failing to be addressed, namely that traditional medical practice focuses on the ill and those with symptoms – it does not lockdown healthy individuals or label people COVID-19 positive when they evidently do not have the virus or do not have signs of the virus.

Such is the level of deception, hyped up by the media, that a growing number of doctors and lawyers around the world are working on legal cases to take government and health authority figures to court over what they claim is the “biggest public health scandal in world history” and “crimes against humanity”.

But while they may get their day in court, such a process takes time and it can be argued that there is no time to be lost as people continue to line up for the shot.


As reported in previous coverage of the pandemic in Mizzima Weekly, the “COVID-19 story” or official narrative began falling apart following the release of America’s health expert Dr Anthony Fauci’s private emails in March 2021 and the efforts of doctors, immunologists and researchers that provide a growing body of evidence that not only was the COVID-19 pandemic long in the planning but that the end game was to lock people in to a vaccine regimen rolled out by the vaccine manufacturers that will continue year after year.

If the recent findings of the Spanish researchers are an indication, such a regimen could well kill and injure millions of people around the world, given what is in the vaccine vials that they examined.

Naturally, the idea that the COVID-19 pandemic was planned is hard to stomach and runs counter to the original story promoted by governments and the media in early 2020 that COVID-19 likely had natural origins in a bat or another animal in a wet market in Wuhan, China.

The mainstream media and social media have worked hard to try to counter and censor claims that the pandemic was actually planned – arguably the most prominent “blackout” focused on the documentary

“Plandemic” in 2020 and the testimony of Dr Judy Mikovits who worked closely with Dr Fauci. Dr Mikovits’ claims and her character have been trashed.

Such is the level of censorship that anybody questioning the original “natural origin” story and why people should take a vaccine tend to be blocked, censored and written off in the media or social media as a “conspiracy theorist”.

But as more research is revealed, with the exposure of patents and publicly available records, serious cracks are appearing in the “official narrative”.

Since the Dr Fauci emails debacle, the idea that COVID-19 may have leaked from a lab has gained more traction, a notion summarily dismissed by the media a year ago. However, care needs to be taken with the claim – highlighted in Dr Fauci’s attempts to cover up – that COVID-19 was made in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China as part of “gain of function” virus development.

China clearly bears some level of responsibility for allowing the virus to escape and spread around the world if only because it is generally thought that the first cases cropped up in Wuhan and that Beijing should have been quicker to close the city down and close the border.

However, the finger-pointing also involves scientists in the West. What is now evident is that over the last two decades dangerous “gain of function” virus development has been carried out by American, British and Chinese scientists, often with US taxpayers’ dollars, to develop potentially deadly viruses.

Researchers claim Dr Fauci, Dr Ralph Baric and the CDC are at the hub of the whole COVID-19 story. What appears clear is that between 2002 and 2017, Dr Fauci, Dr Baric and the CDC controlled the cash flow around what could be called the “industrial complex of the coronavirus”.

Interestingly, such research and development was outlawed in the USA due to its dangers under the Barack Obama administration in 2015, but then was shifted to China.

Dr Fauci may have been in the cross-hairs of examination last month as he perjured himself by lying in testimony to the US Senate – yet his emails reveal a different story, one in which he was allegedly one of the leading players in a nefarious and deadly virus and vaccine development scheme worth billions that included virus development in the Wuhan lab.

Try as he may, it is hard for Dr Fauci to challenge the growing paper trail, interviews, statements and his own emails that indicate his involvement. Yet, despite his grilling in the Senate, he remains America’s health czar.


Developing a potentially deadly virus is one thing; pushing a questionable and potentially deadly cure is another.

A growing body of medical opinion is now questioning the COVID-19 story and the rush to push out a vaccine, now just over six months into rollout.

After all, vaccines typically take years to develop and test.

Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly cited physician who runs two peer-reviewed medical journals and has promoted and had success with the early treatment of COVID-19, has come out with an explosive claim

that the medical establishment is complicit in the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans through the vaccine.

He says the COVID-19 deaths have been facilitated by a false narrative bent on pushing an all-new, unproven vaccine for a disease that was highly treatable.

Dr McCullough says as many as 50,000 Americans may have died due to the vaccine so far in the first six months of 2021, based on the extrapolation of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), noting the claim resulting from a MIT study that the VAERS system, operated by the CDC, typically only represents 1 percent to 10 percent of adverse vaccine effects.

He claims whistleblowers within America’s CDC back up this claim.

Latest VAERS figures for the USA, over the last six months up until July 9, provide the following statistics for people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine: 463,456 Adverse Events, 30,781 Hospitalizations, 9,274 Disabled, 3,906 Heart Attacks, 2,466 Myocarditis Reactions, 1,073 Miscarriages and 10,991 Deaths.

The MIT study indicates that these figures could be multiplied 10 to 100-fold – hence the 50,000 deaths claim, possibly more.

Ohio-based Attorney Thomas Renz recently announced that with the help of America’s Frontline Doctors, he was filing a federal lawsuit in Alabama based on a “sworn declaration, under threat of perjury,” from an alleged whistleblower who claims to have inside knowledge of a cover-up of reported deaths filed with VAERS. According to media, this whistleblower has allegedly claimed, under oath, that there are at least 45,000 reported deaths that have occurred within three days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Renz states that this report of 45,000 deaths is just from “one system” that reports to VAERS.

A tally of 45,000 would be notably greater than what the CDC is currently reporting, which is 10,991 deaths, and many of those are beyond three days following the shots.

Governments, health authorities and the media appear to be trying to cover up the deadly and damaging fall-out from the vaccine drive, though more and more accounts of unusual deaths and suffering are now being published.

Anybody who reads through the accounts in the USA VAERs system or the UK Yellow Card system – or visits a multitude of private groups on Facebook or Telegram solely devoted to vaccine effects – will find harrowing accounts of injury and death, many indicating the person was healthy before they had the shot.

One Canadian doctor says 62 percent of his patients that he injected with vaccine have now got permanent heart damage.

Dr. Charles Hoffe has been practicing medicine for 28 years in the small, rural town of Lytton in British Columbia, Canada. After he had administered about 900 doses of the Moderna experimental mRNA COVID-19 injections, he sounded the alarm over the severe reactions he was observing in his patients who chose to get the shot, which included death. He chose not to get the shot himself.

His claim of 62 percent relates to tests he carried out a sample of the hundreds he has provided the shots for.

The result of Dr Hoffe sounding the alarm was a gag order issued against him by the medical authorities in his community and he has lost half his income because he was banned from his work at a local hospital. He continues to speak out.


Sadly, there appears to be a further twist in the story of the vaccine rollout. Now there are indications that many of the new COVID-19 “variant” cases are in people who are fully vaccinated according to reports from health professionals.

Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccines, shared a viral Twitter thread recently which lays out a disturbing trend – the most-vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, while the least-vaccinated countries are not.

Around 85 percent of new COVID-19 “Delta” infections in Israel are reportedly in those who are fully vaccinated.

While full investigations have yet to be carried out into this anomaly, a growing number of media reports appear to indicate that the vaccinated are not protected from the virus.


Research and the revelations in public records including the patenting of coronaviruses reveal a frightening reality.

Speaking with German attorney Reiner Fuellmich and several other doctors on a video call in June, Dr McCullough outlined in some depth the claim that COVID-19 was a bioweapon and the vaccines represent “phase two” of that bioweapon.

“As this, in a sense, bioterrorism phase one was rolled out, it was really all about keeping the population in fear and in isolation and preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be phase two of a bioterrorism operation,” he said.

Dr McCullough’s claim, and the work of attorney Fuellmich, bolster the view that the COVID-19 outbreak was planned and the virus was man-made, as alluded to in the controversy that has blown up over Dr Fauci, his “gain of function” research, the patent paper trail, publications and meetings.

Dr McCullough is not alone in claiming the virus and the rollout of the vaccines are part of a bioterrorism programme that has been years in the making and involves patents, lucrative contracts, and the involvement of health organizations including America’s CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the media and social media hyping up the fear and attempting to suppress any challenge to the “official narrative”.

What appears to be emerging is that Dr Fauci was involved in the building of a coronavirus as early as 1999 that was patented in 2002. It was reportedly patented in April 2002 before the outbreak in Asia.

Some in these scientific development programmes have been surprisingly open in their designs.

According to a statement made by Peter Daszak, head of EcoHealth Alliance in 2015, published in February 2016: “We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures such as a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and economics will follow the hype. We

need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

Daszak was one of the members of the WHO investigation team that earlier this year visited China and the Wuhan laboratory, a position indicating a clear conflict of interest, given his involvement in “gain of function” development and his ties to the lab and the overall programme.

What is unclear is how a pathogen identified as COVID-19 was leaked or spread. Did it leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China? Or was it deliberately spread around the world in certain key spots at around the same time?

The verdict could well be that this was not an accident, it was intentional. And shockingly it was the result of efforts of scientists and players from the USA, Canada and the UK, and pharmaceutical players, not just Chinese lab technicians.

The vaccine manufacturers appear to have been lining up for a slice of the action. Moderna, which was new to vaccine manufacturing, is said to have begun the sequencing of their vaccine in November 2019, a month before the coronavirus outbreak actually happened. The company reportedly knew that is would be placed in the front of the line as early as March 2019.

Vaccine makers and various players linked to the commercial exploitation of a pandemic, including Dr Fauci, spent years working towards a vaccination programme, involving patents, lucrative contracts and funding. Even the “language of a pandemic” was being developed during this time.

That language was already underway as early as 2004, with Merck coining the term, “the new normal”, Dr Fauci warning in 2017 of a possible “surprise outbreak,” medical war games being played in October 2019 at the Event 201 in the USA in which hyping up the message in the media was stressed, and the WHO helping to set the stage.

In September 2019, Moderna’s amended patent filings mentioned “an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen”, which is a direct quote that was later used in the WHO’s “A World At Risk” book, resulting from their pandemic scenario simulation used in Event 201, just weeks before the COVID-19 outbreak started.

The WHO book stated the need to have a “co-ordinated global experience of a respiratory pathogen release, which by September 2020, must put in place a universal capacity for public relations management, crowd control and the acceptance of a universal vaccine mandate.”

All this was said and published – including WHO’s emphasis on forcing through what they called a “universal vaccine mandate” – before the world had even heard of COVID-19.

What all this suggests is that this was not a public health crisis, rather it was an opportunistic marketing campaign to get the public to accept a pan-corona vaccine countermeasure. And they needed the media to create the hype, and investors would follow where they see profit.

The release of COVID-19 was the vehicle – as WHO stressed before the outbreak – to start a programme to inject every man, woman and child on the planet.

Interestingly, Dr Fauci had lamented year after year at medical conferences that few were taking the flu shot. Now he has billions of eager citizens around the world lining up for the COVID-19 shot.

As doctors and lawyers following these developments closely note, the COVID-19 vaccine rollout campaign ties in with the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” which WEF director Klaus Schwab says seeks to “use the virus as an opportunity” to dramatically restructure economies, food supply and politics around the world. That process is already underway and stepping up a pace.


According to Dr McCullough, and thousands of other health professionals, including the World Doctors Alliance, the COVID-19 pandemic aim was to cause fear and push forward with a vaccine that would be falsely promoted as protecting people from the virus.

But governments, medical authorities and health professionals are failing in their duty of care.

According to a growing body of health professionals, the COVID-19 vaccines are not vaccines.

The only way to allow the release of these products was to label them vaccines and claim an emergency to avoid the typical years of testing needed for a vaccine product in order to protect the public.

Instead, a massive trial is underway, with the vaccine makers admitting that everybody who accepts the vaccine is in an experiment, one due to finish in 2023.

Actual patents for Pfizer’s and Moderna’s injections more truthfully describe them as “gene therapy,” not vaccines.

What has to be noted is if vaccination is a public health measure that is supposed to protect and benefit the collective, then it would need to, firstly, ensure that the individual who is vaccinated is rendered immune from the disease in question, and, secondly, that the vaccine inhibits transmission of the disease.

Only if these two outcomes can be scientifically proven can you say that vaccination protects and benefits the collective — the population as a whole. But here we run into problems with the mRNA vaccines. The vaccines being used do neither – neither protect the recipient from the virus or prevent them from passing it on.

Instead, both COVID-19 and the vaccines have a different purpose. As Dr McCullough points out, speaking with attorney Fuellmich: “Both the respiratory virus and the vaccine deliver to the human body the spike protein, the gain of function target of this bioterrorism research.”

A careful examination of the process being pursued showed Dr Fauci reportedly having his efforts to patent vaccines turned down by the US Patent Office, as they did not fit the bill as vaccines in that they did not prevent infection.

Now we appear to have hundreds of millions of people who are being injected with a pathogen stimulating computer sequence which is being sold under what the patent office, the medical profession and what the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its own clinical standards would not suggest is a vaccine, yet by using the term “vaccine” they are being subjected to what is alleged to be a biological weapon.

Dr Fauci had struggled without success to push flu vaccines to the point where everybody was injected. Now he has a new pathogen threat – COVID-19 – to encourage everybody to take the shot.


If both COVID-19 and the vaccine regimen were planned, this is shocking. But what is equally shocking is the failure of the medical profession to stick to their vows.

Health authorities and professionals encouraging people to take the vaccine including those who directly administer it are by and large sidestepping the normal protocol of providing people the opportunity for informed consent. They are failing to provide a duty of care.

From the research and monitoring of the vaccination process, the vaccine recipients are not fully informed about, firstly, what is in the vaccine, secondly, the potential side effects, and, thirdly, the fact that they are taking part in an experimental trial due to end in 2023. Many of the vaccine vials reportedly come with blank pieces of paper, rather than a detailed rundown on contents and advice. Seldom are the contents and status of the trial explained to recipients.

In fact, the opposite approach appears to be being taken. Anecdotal evidence and videos of the behaviour of health professionals in the USA, UK and Australia show the health professionals, when challenged, claiming the vaccine is “safe” and encouraging the recipient to accept it.

What is clear is that you cannot have a vaccine that does not meet a single definition of a vaccine.

Which begs the question, what would motivate these health officials, health agencies and companies and Dr. Fauci himself to lie and claim that these gene therapies are in fact vaccines when they are not?

As has been pointed out by one researcher, if they actually called it what it is, namely “gene therapy chemotherapy,” most people would — wisely — refuse to take it. Perhaps that’s one reason for their false categorization as vaccines. But there may be other reasons as well, yet to be investigated.

As for the adverse effects of the vaccines, the numbers are growing rapidly with a major cover-up underway.


The Spanish research into the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vials offers a worrying insight into what might be in the shots being given out in their millions around the world.

But there is a caveat.

The COVID-19 plan may actually be more sophisticated than it appears on the surface. Some doctors and researchers who have been investigating the vaccine roll out have raised the question as to whether different vaccine batches may have different contents.

Dr Richard Fleming, another doctor who is speaking out, says a number of pharmacists have noted privately to him that each COVID-19 vaccine lot has contents that vary from vial to vial, suggesting inconsistencies, with one commentator questioning whether some of them are placebos, some saline, all of which raises the question as to whether people are getting the same shot.

The two Spanish research teams are reportedly continuing their investigations into the contents of the vials to check other lots.


Given the atmosphere of fear that has built up around the world, the warnings of researchers, doctors and lawyers that the COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous are being blanketed out by a billion-dollar push by governments, pharmaceutical companies and the media saying “take the jab,” even to the point where it has been made mandatory amongst certain workers.

The cry of warning is also being censored by the media and social media in an unprecedented push that in itself ought to set off alarm bells, and could get worse as Joe Biden’s administration in the USA colludes with Facebook to block out unwanted information and opinion on this platform.

Most people are not in a position to understand what is happening and fear prevails.

One of the major difficulties can be seen in such countries as Myanmar and India where the impression is that many people are catching COVID-19 and that the only real option is to get vaccinated. However, the medical response to the COVID-19 threat in these countries may be being mismanaged, with an atmosphere of fear and poor health, contributing to the death figures. The current rush for oxygen cylinders indicates that while some may be in need of oxygen, other forms of suitable COVID-19 treatment may not be being provided. On average, COVID-19 has a 99.96 percent survival rate, judging from the admittedly compromised statistics over the last 18 months.

The findings of the Spanish researchers present merely the tip of the iceberg of the potential dangers presented by rushing for the vaccine under a programme that clearly is not a vaccine and appears to have other aims – aims yet to be fully examined.


Given the heavy government and media propaganda used around the world to encourage people to “take the shot” the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues at a pace, with over a billion people already jabbed.

However, there is growing pushback and questions being asked about the vaccination programme. Opposition is building and growing shriller. Many health professionals are calling for an immediate halt to the vaccine rollout – often putting their own jobs at risk for speaking out.

Legal cases are being drawn up. An “urgent preliminary report of Yellow Card data” issued by the UK-based Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd submitted to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) states that “the MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the UK’s Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans.”

This is just one of the legal challenges being put forward by lawyers and health professionals in attempts to stop the jab rollout in its tracks, call for an investigation, and bring what they claim are the culprits to justice.

Jan Raphael is the pseudonym for a writer who covers Asian and world affairs.