Did Covid Vaccination contribute to the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip?

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Did Covid Vaccination contribute to the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip?

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By a concerned reader

A Timeline of Royal Vaccination and Health Events

2021 January 9. The Queen and Prince Philip both receive their first Covid shot

2021 February 16: Prince Philip is admitted to King Edward VII Hospital with an infection and ‘pre-existing’ heart problems

2021 March 3: Prince Philip has a heart operation at St. Barts in London.

2021 March 16: Prince Philip is discharged from King Edward VII

2021 March 31 or a few days before: The Queen receives her 2nd Covid shot before her first maskless public appearance at the Royal Australian Air Force Centenary

2021 March 31-April3: Prince Philip most likely receives his second shot at the recommended 12 weeks after the 1st shot.

2021 April 9: Prince Philip dies of “Old Age” according to the Royal doctor, Professor Sir Huw Thomas. 

2021 Late September: The Queen gets a Winter booster jab – her 3rd shot

2021 October 21: The Queen missed a reception for business leaders at Windsor due to ill health and spent a night at the King Edward VII Hospital.
It marked her first hospital stay in eight years and led to her being on doctor’s orders to rest between mid-October and February, during which a series of royal engagements were cancelled.

2022 February 20: The Queen loses her mobility and says: Well, as you can see. I can’t move

2022 September 6: The Queen never recovers her mobility: Liz Truss has to visit HRH Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral  to be appointed PM.

2022 September 8: 12:32 pm: Buckingham palace releases a statement

“Following further evaluation this morning, the Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision,” it says.

2022September8: 12:39 pm: The BBC interrupts scheduled programming with the Palace announcement and launches rolling news coverage of developments.

Presenter Huw Edwards appears dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and black tie, in line with the BBC’s dress code for when a member of the royal family dies.

2022 September 8: 1:00 pm: Prince Charles and Camilla are at Balmoral

2022 September 8: 1:35 pm Princess Anne arrives at Balmoral

2022 September 6: 4:00 pm: Queen Elizabeth II dies. 

2022 September 8: 5:05 pm: Prince Andrew, Edward, Sophie and William arrive at Balmoral by car too late..

2022 September 8: 6.30 pm: Buckingham Palace announces: “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.”

2022 September 8: 8:00 pm: Prince Harry arrives at Balmoral.


The recommended time between Jabs in early 2021 was 12 Weeks. The Queen and Prince Philip were Monarchs who did their duty. The Queen took her 2nd jab just before March31, which was 81 days (11½ weeks) after her first jab. This was because she had to attend a maskless event on the 31st. Professor Sir Huw Thomas would have been considered negligent according to the prevailing medical wisdom in early 2021, had he not administered the 2nd shot to Prince Philip within 12 weeks. That is by April 3rd. The prince died 6 days after that date. The most likely scenario here is that he died around one week after his second dose.

Prince Philip was admitted to hospital with an infection and a heart condition 38 days after his first Covid shot on January9 and died precisely 3 months after his first shot and probably around 7 days after his 2nd shot. He died at 99 years old, which is pretty good going for a man. But infections and heart problems are classic symptoms of vaccine related disease. One would not normally expect the immune system to be degraded much in 38 days post vaccination, But on the other hand many vaccine related deaths occur in the first 14 days after the shot. Especially within 14 days after the 2nd shot. And that appears to be when Prince Philip died. 

Furthermore it is known the vaccines double the chances of a heart attack and cause Myocarditis. The American Heart Association Paper given in a speech by Dr Steven Gundry to the American Heart Association in Boston on 2021 November 12-14 found that mRNA vaccines more than double your 5 year chances of getting a heart attack as measured by various inflammatory markers at 2 months after the 2nd jab  The expose covered this in their article on football deaths of 2021 December8.

The Royal Doctor put down Prince Philip’s death to ‘Old Age’. He might as well have called it ‘Old Age Syndrome’ or OAS. Of course nobody dies of old age. They die of a medical problem or problems which are caused or exacerbated by old age. The true cause of Prince Philip’s death has quite obviously been hidden. That in itself is good evidence that the vaccines played a significant part in his demise.

The death of Prince Phillip would have had a significant effect of the state of mind and therefore on the health of the Queen, who loved her husband. So indirectly the probability is that through the death of Prince Philip, the vaccines played a significant role in the death of our Queen.

The Queen received her ‘winter booster’ in 2021. There is no point in receiving that after winter has started. So to be safe September/October would be the time to receive it. Winter is the time when the flu is most prevalent due to Vitamin D deficiency amongst other things. The JCVI issued a statement on 2021September14 inviting all over 50s to take a Winter booster shot. Since the Queen was 95 years old at that time, she was very high risk. She also was very keen to set a good example with vaccines stating:

“It’s selfish not to have the jab,” is how the Daily Mail summarises her message which it describes as “historic” and “astonishing”. It says it’s “highly unusual for the sovereign to take such a firm public stand on contentious issues”.

“Do one’s duty,” is the Daily Mirror’s headline which sees her remarks as a “stern rebuke to anti-vaxxers”.

The Daily Telegraph explains that it’s been told by royal sources that it’s the Queen’s “passionately held belief” that everyone should get a jab. 

Since the Queen is the epitome of duty and service. She can be expected to have received her booster shot in September 2021, not long after the September14 JCVI recommendation. Then on 2021October21, she was admitted to King Edward VII hospital for the first time in 8 years. The Guardian reported at that time saying

“The 95-year-old is known for her strong constitution and no fuss approach to her infrequent illnesses”

Yes. Infrequent until her 3rd vaccine shot, probably in late September. Whereupon, within a month, she found herself in hospital with her doctor advising her to cancel all Royal duties until February. Then in February she became immobile and caught  Covid. Anyone starting to see a pattern here?

Older women can be immobilised by the vaccine. Sometimes the lack of mobility is temporary as is the brain fog that can ensue. And other times it is permanent. It all depends how old and how fit you are when you take the 2nd or 3rd jab. It does not generally happen after the first jab. It most often occurs after the 3rd. Anecdotally of the older women I know who have had a booster, one was fine, the other lost her mobility permanently and semi recovered from the brain fog, and the other lost it temporarily and has now regained it and fully recovered from the brain fog. But she was so worried when she first got the fog. 


These vaccines affect the central nervous systems of girls and women and the hearts of boys and men. 

Prince Philip most likely died 7 days after his 2nd shot and a month after a heart operation which occurred 7 weeks after his first shot. Whereas the Queen, who would have been seriously damaged by the death of her beloved prince, fell ill for the first time in 8 years immediately after her booster. Then upon medical advice given to her in hospital, she cancelled all her royal engagements until 2022February20, when she lost her mobility and stated that she could not move. If you will pardon the metaphor, the Queen was a tough old bird and her mother was just as tough having died at the grand old age of 101. But there again her mother never had to suffer the indignity of a gene hacking vaccine.

I strongly suspect that Prince Philip might still be and that Queen Elizabeth II would certainly still be alive today, had they not taken a vaccine full of computer generated spike proteins, 2 or 3 times. I think that the vaccines may have done to the Windsors in 2021 and 2022 what the Bolsheviks did to their Russian relatives in 1918. And that is no empty analogy. Because those behind the vaccines are the new Bolsheviks to the entire world.

I therefore call for an urgent and immediate public enquiry into this potential treason upon our royal family and recommend to all royals and commoners alike, that vaccines are unsafe and ineffective. The Queen caught Covid19 5 months after her 3rd booster. That is the time when, according to many PHE and Scottish government statistics analysed by the Exposé, her immune system would have been severely compromised and working at less than 25% of its unvaccinated capacity as regards its effectiveness against Covid and other viruses.


I do commend the Queen for always trying to set a good example and for refusing to be a hypocrite in this matter. I find it tragic that our health service has let her down so badly and conducted a medical experiment upon her health which experiment failed to protect her against Covid and may well have significantly contributed to her death. At 96 years old, her lack of mobility (which is my opinion is very likely to have been vaccine mediated given the proximity of her final illness to her 3rd jab), may well have been the straw that broke the lionesses back.

There was a time when this country would not tolerate an attack upon its monarchy. I hope we are still living in that time. I hope that true scientists will be permitted to investigate this matter fully, for the benefit of the royal line and for the benefit of the health of every citizen of this sceptred  isle.

In the meantime, pending that investigation, I hope that people all around the world will learn as much from their vaccine assisted deaths as we have learned from their most colourful and most dutiful lives in public service.