Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s article «Staged incidents as the Western approach to doing politics», published in Izvestia newspaper /en/foreign_policy/news/1822333/Source: Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation 18 July 2022 00:03 1487-18-07-2022 Today, the Russian Armed Forces, together with the self-defence units of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, are delivering on the objectives of the special military operation with great resolve to put an end to the outrageous discrimination and … Read more

Lavrov: Russia is not squeaky clean and not ashamed

By Steve RosenbergRussia Editor, Moscow Published 17 June Watch: Sergei Lavrov speaks exclusively to the BBC about the war in Ukraine on the bbc article Since the Russian army attacked Ukraine nearly four months ago, thousands of civilians have been killed and whole towns reduced to rubble, while millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes. … Read more