Pfizer documents, official government data confirm: 75 m vaccine deaths in 2022, critical infertility /health/2022/11/23/pfizer-vaccine-deaths 23/11/2022 The recent revelation that the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 vaccine was not only not designed to prevent transmission of the virus, but not even tested to see if it did so has spawned widespread public furore, the intensity of which still lingers in the minds of a betrayed public like stubborn residue. The … Read more

Pfizer Documents – Data Dump Reveals More than 1200 People Died Within One Month of Taking Covid-19 Vaccine /2022/05/08/pfizer-data-dump-reveals-more-than-1200-people-died-within-one-month-of-taking-covid-19-vaccine/ By travis 8/5/2022 The truth is coming out about Pfizer’s data on their COVID-19 vaccine. In the latest data dump, which is conveniently being ignored by the media, it has been revealed that 1,223 people died within 28 days of receiving their first Pfizer vaccine. Again, this is all flying way under the … Read more