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How they voted on 2 June 2021 in Dail Eireann to extend the emergency powers until Nov 2021 and gave the Minister for Health even more powers.  Some of these went to great lengths on social media to tell us they wanted this to end but in the end – they voted against ending it.
EU Parliament Vote on Health Passports 2021

Four of the above MEPs voted “no” to vaccine passports the first vote and changed their vote in the second voting session.  You have to ask youself why?  Something is either intrinsically right or wrong – we know when something is right or wrong.  Out gut tells us.  Why did they change their vote?

The Irish people have been fed, since Feb 2020, by RTE, the media, NPHET with a daily dose of terrifying, depressing brainwashing  regarding a devastating virus.

They can’t keep it going for much longer – too many are waking up.

Remember my words –“When they have to stop, the government will blame the whole debacle on NPHET and ISAG.”

The question is “Are you going to swallow that one too?”

DON’T BE NAIVE!   The passing of the Emergency Powers, the roll-over of Emergency Powers and everything that has resulted from those (enacted by the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly) have been voted into existence by 160 men and women in Dail Eireann – Leinster House. – Nobody else has the responsibility.

Tracey O’Mahony Barrister at Law and founding member of the ‘IRISH COUNCIL FOR HUMAN RIGHTS’ has made this video to inform us of the next crucial vote in Dail Eireann – deadline June 2021.

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Don’t believe the gvt will wait until June – they are in the habit of rushing through the really devastating legislation with little notice and without media coverage.

There is a google whistle blower who says clearly that google interfered in the Irish 2016 general election.  Was 2020 election interfered with also. We have a gvt coalition with enough numbers to pass all laws they want and a President who challenges nothing.

As we looked at the results of all the 2020/2021 votes on issues relating to covid. lockdowns, garda powers etc in Dail Eireann – our stomachs turned.

The most important thing we noticed was that the overall votes cast by the majority (actually almost ALL) of TDs did not match their speeches in the Dail.  The speeches were lovely – the voting was shattering –  the voting did not match the speeches.  99% of the TDs are on the same agenda.   Recurring sentence used “I am voting for this against my better judgement because it gives too much power indefinitely” or words to that effect.

It’s when you examine the voting across all the constituencies that reality hits home.

99% of the TDs are on the same agenda

What is the agenda?   I don’t know.  What I do know is that when you put them all on a map and join the dots, you have to be stupid not to question what they could be getting, apart from the lucrative Dail/Senate salaries, expenses and pensions.  Look at the map and look at the connections

  • have we an Irish Political Royalty?  Looks like it.  Get on the council (how many are co-opted when their relation moves up the ladder or dies?).  After the council go for the Dail.  If you fail there, try for the Senate or failing that get appointed by the Taoiseach etc.  Irish Political Families in the Oireachtas
  • How many people on various gvt boards or positions are related to each other?  Or worked tog in the past?  How many relatives of TD’s and Senators are appointed to state boards?
  • How many appoint their spouse or family member to positions under them, drawing extra gvt salaries?  Or use their family/friends companies for work or gvt grants/contracts?
  • What company boards or EU or international bodies do they move on to after retirement, losing their seat?  Appointed by our gvt or EU etc?
  • Look how the EU demigods like Klaus Schwab has put his finger on so many in gvt, media and tech – almost like they have been groom for years with awards, grants and whatever.
  • How many are connected to Pharma companies and Big Tech?
  • How many are connected to the Professors aka “experts”?
  • Where do the Professors and Experts get their money from?  BILLIONS!  Follow the money.

FIND YOUR TD on our list and

  • realise how many times he/she thought it worth their time to turn up and vote on your freedoms.
  • Look how many times he/she voted against your freedoms.

Is that the person you thought you knew?  Is that the type of representation you voted for?

  • Let it sink in that ALL the power regarding lockdown, public announcements, filling your days with fear, preventing you from travel, seeing your parents, the cancellation of cancer testing and treatment for public patients, the suicides, the lost business, the lost education and exams for your children LIES SQUARELY ON THE SHOULDERS OF YOUR TD – and nobody else.  They just use NPHET as a faceless scapegoat and those goats will be handsomely rewarded, by the gvt, in time, for their sacrifice – perhaps a committee or a board appointment or a stepping stone on the career ladder out of the public eye etc.  – the Irish brown envelope. – Because they are banking on you not having the wits to cop on to the real story.  Will you?  Will you see it?  Will you get angry or will you just roll over and take the corruption lying down as we have for the last 50 years and more?

Keep tabs on YOUR elected representatives. They will be asking for your vote again sooner than they think. But I believe that next time around there will be many willing to stand against them – it would be extremely difficult to find a different group of people to perform worse than the 99% of our existing TD’s – We will take a look at our Senators another day.

Please keep an eye on your constituency pages here for more in-depth analyses of your TD’s – this is a work in progress.