Time to end the Covid-19 Emergency Laws and EU Digital Certificate

theadvertiser.ie /time-to-end-the-covid-19-emergency-laws-and-eu-digital-certificate/ Denis 17/2/2022 17th February 2022 With Barrister-at-Law Tracey O’ Mahony This week The Advertiser spoke again to Barrister-at-Law Tracey O’ Mahony with regard to a number of issues concerning our fundamental freedoms going forward. Tracey will outline the importance of removing the Covid-19 emergency laws in Ireland, removing the EU Digital Certificate for … Read more

Health (Preservation and Protection and other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest) Act 2020 “Detention and isolation”

Source: ISB – House of Oireachtas Detention and isolation of persons in certain circumstances 11. The Act of 1947 is amended by insertion of the following section after section 38: “38A. (1) Where, having regard to the matters specified in subsection (2), a medical officer of health believes in good faith that— (a) a person … Read more

Tracey O’ Mahony Barrister at Law : Please Share this Call To Action (8 Weeks to Reverse the Erosion of Fundamental Freedoms)

Lobby your TD ichr.ie /lobby-your-td/ Lobby your TD – Irish Council for Human Rights Download Letter 1Download Letter 2Download Letter 3 Letter 1: Initial letter setting out your TD’s Covid-19 voting record for the past 7 months and asking your TD to vote against the extension of Part 3 of the Act.Letter 2: To be … Read more

Ireland’s politicians in Dail Eireann

www.lifeisjustagame.co.uk /irelands-politicians-in-dail-eireann/ Please see the list of Constituencies and their Elected Representatives in the “RELATED CONTENT” menu How they voted on 2 June 2021 in Dail Eireann to extend the emergency powers until Nov 2021 and gave the Minister for Health even more powers.  Some of these went to great lengths on social media to … Read more