Dr. Zelenko: ‘We could have ended pandemic long ago’

www.wnd.com /2022/02/dr-zelenko-ended-pandemic-long-ago/ Art Moore 9/2/2022 When Upstate New York physician Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko drew the attention of President Trump back in the spring of 2020 with a simple protocol of cheap, proven, widely available drugs for COVID-19 that included hydroxychloroquine, he had successfully treated more more than 350 patients, with only one needing hospitalization. … Read more

2 Articles: Studies Show Horrific Contaminations of PCR Test Swabs – Ethylene Oxide

Source: America Out Loud Two additional studies by researchers in different countries show horrific contamination of PCR test swabs⏤produced by different manufacturers. Last week I wrote about the horrific contamination of PCR test swabs discovered in testing products of a Chinese manufacturer. To remind you, here is an electron microscope photograph of what is being … Read more