Ukraine and Russia in 90 seconds

Watch on youtube 22 May 2022 NATO has been poking the Russian bear for too long by subsequently expanding its territory eastwards. This happened in contrast to promises made by western leaders. At the same time, we have witnessed western globalist efforts pushing for regime change in former Soviet Republics. The West should be pragmatic … Read more

A tale of muppets, puppets, pawns and pricks /TheIrishInquiry/posts/403767035060462 The Irish Inquiry The Irish Inquiry April 8 A TALE OF MUPPETS, PUPPETS, PAWNS AND PRICKS:(Don’t bother reading if easily offended) “I’m just a man, nothing special nothing grand, I’ve had to work for everything I own”. So wrote Christy Moore. His words came to mind as President Zelenskiy addressed members of Dáil … Read more

Zelensky speaks to the Dáil, our neutrality is damaged, we must fight to restore it – by Dr Vincent Carroll

Watch on bitchute /news/politics/oireachtas/you-have-not-remained-neutral-volodymr-zelenskiy-thanks-ireland-in-oireachtas-address-1.4845637 ‘You have not remained neutral’ – Volodymr Zelenskiy thanks Ireland in Oireachtas address Sarah Burns 6/4/2022 Ukrainian president says Russia using hunger as a weapon against ‘ordinary people’ Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has delivered a speech to members of the Dáil and Seanad via video link. TDs, Senators and foreign … Read more