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Awakening anthroposophy in the world

The problem we aim to solve

The advent of the technological revolution has caused mankind to fall into a deep materialism. Much of our former cultural life has been stripped away and is now supplied for us through television and computerized devices. We no longer ask ourselves important life questions but instead seek authoritative answers from political leaders and scientific “experts”. The cost we pay is a loss of our spiritual freedom. Instead of following our own unique path we are coerced to follow one that has been set for us.

Rudolf Steiner foresaw all these things in the early 20th century. His philosophy, Anthroposophy, provides a pathway back to a world that includes spirit. It explains how our material world is interwoven with an objectively real spiritual world that we can come to know through study and meditation. It explains the inner workings of reincarnation and karma. In whole, it provides a way for people to come to an understanding of their true place in relation to the world.

A Short Bio of Rudolf Steiner

  • Born Feb. 27 1861 in Kraljevec (today Croatia)
  • Technical Gymnasium, then Technical High School in Vienna
  • Through teacher K.J. Schröer Steiner becomes the editor of the natural scientific writings of Goethe
  • 1983 Publishes his basic work The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity (Philosophy of Freedom)
  • Around 1900 Starts developing his method of Spiritual Science, in addition to and complementing Natural Science
  • 1902 Supported by later wife Marie von Sievers, General Secretary of German Sec. of Theosophical Society led by Annie Besant
  • 1912 Leaves because of absurdities around young Krishnamurti allegedly being the expected Maitreya Buddha or “Christ”
  • 1913 Lectures within the new Anthroposophical Society founded not by him, but for him
  • 1913 (September) Foundation stone laid for the first Goetheanum cupola building
  • 1917 Memoranda about Threefolding of the social organism
  • 1919 Founding of the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart
  • 1922/23 Burning down of the Goetheanum (arson)
  • 1923/24 New Anthroposophical Society with Steiner as chairman
  • 1924 Agricultural Course, lectures about Karma and Reincarnation
  • 1925 Fundamentals of Therapy, written together with his friend, the doctor Ita Wegman
  • 1925 (March 30th) Steiner dies in Dornach, Switzerland
  • 1928 Second Goetheanum opened
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“What someone does for himself in the area of ​​spiritual life will remain completely his personal affair. »

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Basic Works:

  • Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
  • Christianity as a Mystical Fact
  • Theosophy
  • How to get Knowledge of Higher Worlds
  • Occult Science
  • Towards Social Renewal
  • Four Mystery Dramas